WHO looks at new strategy on polluted air

With 7 million people a year dying from exposure to polluted air, WHO is weighing a new strategy to pinpoint the sources and take action to reduce risks.

U.N. opens inquiry into Khashoggi killing

An international team led by a U.N. expert will visit Turkey next week to begin investigating Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

EU and 47 nations revive e-commerce talks

Plans to establish new global rules for electronic commerce through the World Trade Organization are on again for the European Union and 47 nations.

Leaders urge global oversight of tech sector

The tech sector came under pressure for more regulation with the Japanese prime minister’s promise to lead creation of a new system for data oversight.

Merkel: ‘Misery’ without multilateralism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed back at the rise of populist authoritarians, saying the world must keep a “clear commitment” to multilateralism.

Nature in focus amid Davos extravagance

Never mind their jets, hotels and parties. Some of the world’s most powerful, famous and wealthy people said the natural world is a paramount concern.

IMF: Global growth to slow to 3.5 percent

The pace of economic growth globally will likely slow to 3.5 percent due to rising trade tensions and U.S. interest rates, the International Monetary Fund said.

Globalization tops populism in WEF poll

Globalization and international cooperation have more staying power than populist nationalism, the World Economic Forum found in a global survey.

IMF wary of governments piling up debt

Growing public debt can be a financial disaster, making governments vulnerable. A top strategist at IMF has a solution: more documentation and transparency.

U.N. chief lays out 5 priorities for 2019

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres cited armed conflict, poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change as his chief concerns for 2019.

Palestinians head up U.N. bloc of nations

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas took over as chairman of the Group of 77, an international organization representing a major bloc of U.N. votes.

Climate and inequality top Davos agenda

Melting glaciers, rising seas and a growing divide between “winners and losers” of globalization top the World Economic Forum’s priority items in Davos.

UNAIDS and Global Fund plan big scaleup

Two international health organizations called for a 23 percent increase in global funding to fight AIDS and other diseases in less developed nations.

World Bank turnover tests politics of aid

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim’s surprise departure sets up an unexpected test for an international organization at the crux of international development.

UNESCO is latest to lose U.S. membership

As 2019 dawned the U.S. and Israel withdrew from UNESCO, expanding the number of international organizations that the Trump administration has rejected.

Top 5 watchlist for organizations in 2019

International organizations enter a new year buffeted by populism, trade wars and power struggles as multilateralism faces rising political hostility.