IFRC gains entry to ease Venezuelan crisis

IFRC said Venezuela will allow it to deliver emergency aid, the first time President Nicolás Maduro’s government acknowledged the humanitarian crisis.

Extreme weather impacted 62 million lives

Extreme weather affected 62 million people last year in a clear signal that climate-fueled natural hazards are rising, the U.N. weather agency reported.

Global carbon emissions hit record high

Global energy-related carbon emissions reached a record high in 2018 as worldwide energy demand and coal use surged mostly from power plants in Asia.

More children die of unsafe water than war

Children under the age of five were far more likely on average to die from illnesses due to unsafe water and sanitation than from war or violence.

Ex-Bosnian Serb leader sentenced to life

U.N. appeals judges increased former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić’s 40-year sentence to life in prison after upholding his war crimes convictions.

U.N. and Israel in clash over human rights

The United Nations and Israel plunged into an intense debate over the use of deadly force against protesters in Palestinian territory.

CERN finds another piece of physics puzzle

Physicists working at the world’s biggest atom smasher detected simultaneous production of three fundamental particles, a rare process.

War crimes court rebuffed and threatened

The International Criminal Court lost two members but gained a new one in the past two years, while fending off threats from authoritarian leaders.

Students demand climate action worldwide

At least 1.5 million students walked out of their classrooms on a Friday to demand their governments take meaningful and swift action to fight climate change.

A ‘dire’ health checkup for Earth and us all

Leaders called for urgent improvement to the planet’s health, echoing findings of a U.N. report for the highest-level decision-making body on the environment.

Web turns 30 as inventor urges ethical 2.0

An international organization that gave rise to the World Wide Web marked its 30th anniversary with celebrations and calls to reboot its basic principles.

Organizations lose 46 in Ethiopia jet crash

The U.N. and other international organizations mourned the loss of 46 staff in a crash of an Ethio­pian Airlines jetliner that killed all 157 people aboard.

Nations rebuke Saudi Arabia on Khashoggi

The European Union and eight other nations condemned Saudi Arabia, demanding its cooperation with a U.N.-led investigation into Jamal Khashoggi’s killing.

WHO chief unveils reorganization plan

WHO announced a major restructuring plan to cut red tape and reduce longstanding tensions between its headquarters and six field offices.

Sanctions dispute ends Trump-Kim talks

With talks deadlocked between Washington and Pyongyang, the sticking point is nine U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions in a dozen years.