U.N. rights chief warns on Libyan dangers

The U.N.’s top human rights official expressed grave concern that thousands of lives were at risk in Libya’s capital, where civilians have been trapped.

China tries to ease ‘Belt and Road’ worries

China pushed back against skeptics of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, promising a “high quality” US$1 trillion global infrastructure program.

Trump to pull U.S. from arms trade treaty

U.S. President Donald Trump announced he will withdraw the U.S. from another global treaty, this time an accord to regulate trade in conventional arms.

U.N. waters down measure on rape in war

Under pressure from the U.S., China and Russia, the U.N. Security Council weakened a resolution to combat rape as a weapon of war.

WHO tests world’s first malaria vaccine

WHO began testing the world’s first malaria vaccine in Malawi, one of three African nations where it is being used to immunize children up to two years old.

Myanmar court keeps journalists locked up

Myanmar’s top court upheld convictions of two jailed Reuters journalists who won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the country’s crimes against Rohingyas.

Trump Organization key to Mueller report

A long-awaited report spotlights the Trump Organization as a conduit to Russia and shows the U.S. president could face obstruction of justice charges.

Ivanka Trump: I declined World Bank post

Ivanka Trump said her father offered her the job of leading the World Bank, but she turned it down so she could stay on as a senior presidential adviser.

UNESCO aids Notre Dame emergency plan

UNESCO pledged to help French authorities do a rapid damage assessment of the inferno that tore through Notre Dame Cathedral for more than 12 hours.

Red Cross pleads for info on missing staff

Breaking its long-held silence, the ICRC sought public help in finding three staff abducted by Islamic State militants in Syria in late 2013.

WHO declines emergency status for Ebola

WHO expressed grave concern about Congo’s most recent surge in its Ebola outbreak but agreed it is not yet an international public health emergency.

ICC trial possible for ousted Sudan leader

Sudan’s military ousted President Omar al-Bashir and put him under arrest, triggering a possibility of trial at the world’s permanent war crimes tribunal.

International array captures the unseeable

A team of more than 200 researchers using a “virtual telescope” of observatories for the first time saw and photographed a supermassive black hole.

New shipping rules on e-data come online

The International Maritime Organization’s new rules on how nations exchange electronic data between ships and ports took effect this week.

Trump ally begins World Bank presidency

The World Bank’s new president began his five year term fighting extreme poverty — a mission at odds with his main sponsor, U.S. President Donald Trump.

Court’s anti-genocide work is ‘unfinished’

A U.N. tribunal’s chief prosecutor emphasized on Rwanda’s 25th anniversary of its genocide that the work of bringing perpetrators to justice is incomplete.

Scientists find melting glaciers accelerating

Research from a Swiss-based network found that due to global warming, the world’s glaciers were melting five times as fast as they were in mid-20th century.

U.S. strips visa from war crimes prosecutor

The United States made good on its threat to block the International Criminal Court from investigating Americans, revoking a visa for its chief prosecutor.

NATO tensions surface at 70th anniversary

NATO marked the start of its eight decade honoring its achievements, but revealed strains over spending and Russian and Chinese geopolitical ambitions.

Americans snub G-7 summit preparations

Two key Cabinet members in the Trump administration skipped a G-7 preparatory meeting, compounding the injury caused by Trump at last year’s summit.

IPU decries hold on Venezuelan lawmakers

An international organization of 178 parliaments condemned the Venezuelan president’s government for barring lawmakers from going to a global assembly.