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WHO declines emergency status for Ebola

An Ebola treatment center at the Beni hospital in Congo's North Kivu Province (ARÊTE/Alain Coulibaly)

World Health Organization experts and officials expressed grave concern about Congo’s most recent surge in its Ebola outbreak but agreed it does not constitute an international public health emergency.

ICC trial possible for ousted Sudan leader

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, ousted after 30 years of authoritarian rule (ARÊTE/Sebastian Baryli)

Sudan’s military ousted President Omar al-Bashir and put him under arrest, abruptly ending his 30-year authoritarian rule and triggering a possibility of bringing him to trial before the world’s permanent war crimes tribunal.

International array captures the unseeable

The southern lights — aurora australis — over the South Pole Telescope (ARÊTE/Joshua Montgomery)

In a sensational feat for science and international collaboration, a team of more than 200 researchers using a “virtual telescope” of observatories around the world for the first time managed to see and photograph what was previously unseeable: a supermassive black hole.

New shipping rules on e-data come online

Entrance to the International Maritime Organization in London (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

The International Maritime Organization’s new rules on how nations exchange electronic data between ships and ports took effect this week, affecting more than 10 billion tons of goods per year traded by sea worldwide.

Court’s anti-genocide work is ‘unfinished’

Photos of victims from the Rwanda genocide at Kigali Memorial Center (ARÊTE/Kigali Memorial Center)

The chief prosecutor for a United Nations tribunal emphasized on Rwanda’s 25th anniversary of its harrowing genocide that the work of bringing perpetrators to justice has not yet been completed.

Scientists find melting glaciers accelerating

Grindelwald is home to two of Switzerland’s largest glaciers, the Upper and Lower Grindelwald Glaciers (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

Research from a Swiss-based global monitoring network found that due to global warming, the world’s glaciers were melting five times as fast as they were in mid-20th century, especially in Central Europe, the Caucasus, much of North America and New Zealand.

U.S. strips visa from war crimes prosecutor

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda (ARÊTE/Stephan Röhl)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration made good on its threat to block the International Criminal Court from investigating Americans, revoking a U.S. travel visa for the war crimes tribunal’s chief prosecutor.

NATO tensions surface at 70th anniversary

Officials gathered for NATO's 70th anniversary in Washington (ARÊTE/Estonian Foreign Ministry)

NATO marked the start of its eight decade with gatherings that honored its achievements in keeping the former Soviet Union at bay and protecting former Warsaw Pact nations — but revealed modern strains over spending and strategies towards Russian and Chinese geopolitical ambitions.

Americans snub G-7 summit preparations

Brigitte Macron greets Melania Trump at Élysée Palace in November 2018 (ARÊTE/Andrea Hanks)

Two key Cabinet members in U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration steered clear of a Group of Seven preparatory meeting, compounding the injury caused by Trump at last year’s G-7 summit.

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