The World of International Organizations

Climate activism propelled by E.U. voters

Brussels scene during European elections (AN/CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 2019 – Source: EP)

Climate concerns have rarely if ever weighed heavily in any major election — until now, with Europe’s Greens gaining influence from worried voters.

WHO classifies gaming disorder as illness

A passenger playing video games on a plane (AN/Carlos Ebert)

Playing video games to excess at the expense of work, school or relationships can be medically diagnosed if it lasts more than a year, WHO agreed.

Versailles centennial strikes modern nerve

The treaty signing on June 28, 1919 in the Palace of Versailles' Hall of Mirrors (AN/Public Domain)

A century ago, a treaty signing on the outskirts of Paris helped end World War I but raised questions about the reliability of American leadership.

U.N. orders U.K. to return site of U.S. base

American submarine USS Dallas pulls into the Diego Garcia military base (AN/Caine Storino)

The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to demand Britain cede to Mauritius an Indian Ocean archipelago where the U.S. maintains a military base.

42 nations agree to ethical standards for AI

Portrait of a humanoid robot at Saint Romain au Mont d'Or in Lyon, France (AN/Thierry Ehrmann)

The world’s first international, non-binding standards for artificial intelligence were approved by 42 nations in an effort to guide ethical development.

Ebola and reform weigh on WHO assembly

World Health Assembly chambers in Geneva (AN/Eric Bridiers)

Congo’s spreading Ebola outbreak, universal health coverage and questions about spending and reform topped the World Health Assembly’s agenda.

Council of Europe keeps Russia as member

Masked troops equipped with Russian weapons were often present during Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 (AN/Sasha Maksymenko)

Council of Europe foreign ministers agreed to restore Russia’s right to participate in its Parliamentary Assembly “on an equal basis” with other nations.

Pact against online extremism gains steam

Youth demonstrators in Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square react to the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre (AN/Michael Swan)

Proponents gained momentum for a new global accord to keep internet platforms from being used by extremists to organize and spread hatred and violence.

U.N. chief warns of climate security threats

A narrow road in Tuvalu, an island nation on global warming's front lines (AN/Michael Coghlan)

Drought linked to global warming is a security threat to the African continent and Mediterranean region including Europe, the U.N. chief said.

U.N.: 1 million in Gaza may go hungry

An UNRWA school in Gaza (AN/ISM Palestine)

More than 1 million people in Gaza risk running out of food less than a year after the U.S. announced a cutoff in aid to Palestinians, UNRWA said.