BIS warns on trade wars and cheap money

The Bank for International Settlements issued its annual report, warning governments must reduce trade tensions and rely on more than stimulus.

G-20 navigates trade and political risks

The Group of 20 ended a two-day summit warning of risks to global growth but did not condemn protectionism, as U.S., Russian and Chinese leaders met.

U.N. Security Council urges calm in Gulf

The U.N. Security Council called for “maximum restraint” in the tense Gulf region to avoid military escalation, but Iran rejected holding talks with the U.S.

ILO adopts #MeToo workplace treaty

The ILO adopted a global treaty to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace, but stopped short of including language for LGBTI people.

China court decries Interpol ex-president

Interpol’s former president reportedly admitted in a Chinese court to accepting US$2.1 million in bribes and other kickbacks, Chinese authorities disclosed.

Almost 71 million people uprooted globally

Wars and conflicts displaced a record 70.8 million people worldwide in 2018, up 3 percent from a year earlier, the U.N. refugee agency reported.

U.N. team urges inquiry into Saudi prince

An independent U.N. investigator reported “credible evidence” exists to justify a criminal probe into the Saudi crown prince for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

Facebook money and organization planned

Facebook announced plans to launch a new digital currency and a new international organization to oversee it headquartered in Switzerland, a global hub.

Iran threatens to exceed nuclear deal limits

One week after a warning from IAEA, Iran said it will soon increase its low-level enriched uranium stockpile above a limit in the 2015 nuclear deal.

In photos: A sea of protest lit up in purple

Women and girls of all ages turned out. Many wore purple clothes, held banners or chanted while filling public squares and streets. Some men joined in, too.

Swiss women strike nationwide for parity

Hundreds of thousands of Swiss women took to the streets to demand fairer pay, gender equality and an end to sexual harassment and violence.

U.K. regulator faults Oxfam staff in Haiti

Oxfam International vowed to improve after it was reprimanded by a U.K. watchdog for its toxic work culture that led to a sex abuse scandal in Haiti.

U.N. panel seeks to close the ‘digital divide’

An independent U.N. panel co-chaired by Melinda Gates and Jack Ma released a report urging the world to make digital technology safer and more inclusive.

ILO marks past with look to future work

The International Labor Organization focused on ways of spreading social justice through dignified work while commemorating its 100th anniversary.

G-20 focus on trade wars and tax loopholes

Trade disputes overshadowed a meeting of G-20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs that ended with pledges to protect growth and close tax loopholes.

D-Day honors debt to a ‘heritage of peace’

In honor of D-Day 75 years ago, the French president urged the world to perpetuate the Allied nations’ hard-won “heritage of peace” by sustaining alliances.

Queen tells Trump of multilateral virtues

Queen Elizabeth II used her toast at a royal state dinner to remind U.S. President Donald Trump of the importance of international organizations and treaties.

WMO: Climate services lag in most nations

Just 15 percent of the Paris climate treaty’s 195 signing countries are setting up a national information framework needed to fulfill the 2015 accord.

Swiss urge U.S. return to multilateralism

Swiss leaders used a meeting with the top U.S. diplomat to try to resuscitate American leadership towards important post-World War II multilateral institutions.