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BIS warns on trade wars and cheap money

The Bank for International Settlements' offices in Basel, Switzerland (AN/John Heilprin)

(AN) — The Bank for International Settlements issued its annual report on Sunday, warning that governments must reduce trade tensions and rely on more than stimulus from central banks to avoid threats to the global economy.

G-20 navigates trade and political risks

A group photo of leaders during the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan (AN/Tia Dufour)

(AN) — The Group of 20 wrapped up a two-day summit warning of risks to global growth, but did not condemn protectionism. On the sidelines, U.S. President Donald Trump generated headlines meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping.

U.N. Security Council urges calm in Gulf

U.S. fighter jets in the Gulf of Oman (AN/Matt Herbst)

(AN) — The U.N. Security Council called for “maximum restraint” in the tense Gulf region on Monday to avoid any military escalation, but Iran rejected holding talks with the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed fresh sanctions.

ILO adopts #MeToo workplace treaty

A #MeToo protest in front of Trump Tower in New York City (AN/Mario A. Pena)

(AN) — The International Labor Organization adopted a global treaty on Friday meant to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace, but stopped short of including language that would include LGBTI people.

China court decries Interpol ex-president

Former Interpol president Meng Hongwei on trial (AN/Tianjin No.1 Intermediate Court)

(AN) — Interpol’s former president Meng Hongwei reportedly admitted in a Chinese court to accepting US$2.1 million in bribes and other kickbacks, Chinese authorities disclosed on Thursday in a case that raises questions about the autonomy of the world’s largest international police organization.

Almost 71 million people uprooted globally

Afghan refugees in Belgrade (AN/Frode Bjorshol)

(AN) — Wars and conflicts displaced a record 70.8 million people worldwide in 2018, up 3 percent from a year earlier, the U.N. refugee agency reported on Wednesday.

U.N. team urges inquiry into Saudi prince

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, right, meeting with U.S. defense officials in Riyadh (AN/Adrian Cadiz)

(AN) — In grisly detail, an independent U.N. human rights investigator on Wednesday reported “credible evidence” exists to justify a criminal probe into Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other officials suspected of involvement in Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s premeditated murder.

Facebook money and organization planned

Facebook's sneak peek of what using its new Libra currency will look like (AN/Facebook)

(AN) — Facebook announced plans on Tuesday to launch a new digital currency and a new international organization to oversee it headquartered in Switzerland, a global hub of multilateralism and emerging Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies.

Iran threatens to exceed nuclear deal limits

Iran's historic mountain village of Abyaneh, close to nuclear facilities (AN/Blondinrikard Fröberg)

(AN) — One week after a warning from the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Iran said on Monday amid escalating Mideast tensions that it will soon increase its low-level enriched uranium stockpile above a limit in the 2015 nuclear deal.

In photos: A sea of protest lit up in purple

A young demonstrator on her father's shoulders expresses "solidarity" in Bern (AN/John Heilprin)

(AN) — Women and girls of all ages turned out. Many wore purple clothes or accessories, held banners, blew whistles, burned bras, sang or chanted while filling public squares and streets. Some men joined in, too.

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