The World of International Organizations

Decade of rising attacks on kids in conflicts

A child protection officer from the U.N.'s Pakistani Female Engagement Team comforts children displaced by conflict at Mikenge, Congo (AN/MONUSCO)

Conflict-fueled attacks on children that authorities could verify tripled worldwide in the past decade to an average of 45 per day, UNICEF said.

E.U. to engage U.K. in major organizations

London Underground's Westminster Station (AN/John Heilprin)

The E.U.’s top Brexit negotiator said it will rely on other international organizations to “continue to engage positively” once the U.K. exits in 2020.

New U.S. “Space Force” may test space law

Testing of the U.S. Air Force's X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle 4, a reusable space plane, in 2017 (AN/USAF)

America’s “Space Force,” the military’s first new branch in more than 70 years, could breach space law and prompt a U.S. withdrawal from yet another treaty.

World Bank warns of US$55 trillion debt

Shoppers at markets in Cusco, Peru (AN/David Morris)

Developing nations ran up US$55 trillion of debt in 2018 as part of an eight-year debt surge that is the largest in a half-century, the World Bank said.

US$5 billion fund to cut shipping CO2

An oil and chemical tanker anchors in Freeport, Bahamas (AN/Joe deSousa)

A London-based trade association proposed creating an organization to run a US$5 billion research fund for eliminating carbon from global shipping.

Poor nations focus of global refugee forum

Children in the play area at the refugee triage center in Boa Vista, Brazil (AN/Michael Swan)

Six countries and the U.N. opened the first Global Refugee Forum to help poor nations overwhelmed by taking in people fleeing for safety across borders.

Marathon U.N. climate summit falls short

Climate activists in Madrid protest U.S. inaction with a "fossil award" (AN/John Englart)

The U.N. climate summit ended in Madrid without resolving how to put a price on carbon and only partial agreement on more ambition in cutting pollutants.

UNAIDS dismisses #MeToo whistleblower

UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva (AN/Eric Bridiers)

A whistleblower whose sexual assault probe upended UNAIDS was fired over misconduct claims in what she believes is “a blatant act of retaliation.”

Alpinism added to UNESCO heritage list

The late Mike Bearzi, an American alpinist from Boulder, Colorado, gazes from Camp II at nearly 7,000 meters on the North Ridge of K2 (AN/John Heilprin)

Alpinism, named for the range where it took root, won UNESCO recognition as a celebrated pursuit with an “intangible” cultural heritage worthy of protecting.

Europe unveils climate-neutral Green Deal

Hohenschwangau Castle at the foot of the Bavarian Alps (AN/Bryan Katz)

The E.U. plans to create “the first climate-neutral continent by 2050,” a three-decade blueprint to sustainably overhaul Europe’s trade, industry and politics.