WHO raises COVID-19 risk to ‘very high’

WHO raised its global risk assessment for the coronavirus to “very high” as some nations struggled with containment and economic fears lashed markets.

U.N. issues ‘call to action’ on human rights

U.N. leaders challenged nations, businesses and citizens to respond to a “call to action” for greater efforts to withstand a rising tide of human rights abuses.

L’Arche probe discloses abuses by founder

L’Arche International, which supports people with learning disabilities, announced its late founder, Jean Vanier, sexually abused six women in France.

U.N. targets nexus of terror and small arms

The U.N.’s counterterrorism chief launched a new project taking on the threat posed by terror groups, organized crime and trafficking in illicit small arms.

U.N. agencies say kids lose ‘liveable planet’

Children who grow up in countries least responsible for global warming suffer twice as many health problems as wealthier nations that pollute the most.

Afghan refugees seek return after 40 years

Afghan refugees appealed to Pakistan and the U.N. for more support at a conference, hoping to return home after four decades of fleeing wars and conflict.

Treaty talks to save more migratory species

Delegates from 111 nations at a U.N. conference in India met to protect migratory species and their habitats at a time when nature is nearing a breaking point.

Munich summit questions ‘Westlessness’

Fears of a divided West challenged by China are a challenge and opportunity for multilateralism to show its worth, a three-day summit in Munich concluded.

U.N. sees record displacement in Syria war

The Assad regime’s Russia-backed offensive against the last rebel-held area of northwestern Syria caused the biggest single displacement in a nine-year war.

Sudan to hand over al-Bashir for ICC trial

In a surprise move, Sudan’s transitional government will extradite former leader Omar al-Bashir to the ICC on charges of genocide and war crimes in Darfur.

Trump proposes steep cuts to global health

U.S. President Donald Trump sent a US$4.8 trillion budget plan to Congress proposing deep cuts to international organizations and global health programs.

Experts fear perfect storm of desert locusts

East Africa faces the worst invasion of desert locust swarms in decades from a new generation of the world’s oldest and most destructive migratory pest.

A.U. seeks new ways of ‘silencing the guns’

A.U. leaders pledged to devote more resources to mediating an end to regional violence from a surge in civil wars and conflicts among warring groups.

Macron maps post-Brexit E.U. nuclear role

French President Emmanuel Macron put forward a new doctrine for France to lead the European Union in reducing the global threat of a nuclear arms race.

U.N. chief sees ‘wind of madness’ in world

The U.N. chief warned “a wind of madness is sweeping the globe” from a dangerous surge of instability and unpredictable geopolitical “hair-trigger” tensions.

WHO and Google team fight an ‘infodemic’

Secret cures or vaccines and Chinese biological weapons are some of the bogus social media claims WHO said it was debunking in the coronavirus outbreak.

E.U. thrust into new era as a 27-nation bloc

Winston Churchill famously called for a “United States of Europe” in 1946, inspiring future generations to create the economic alliance that led to the E.U.