Global coronavirus cases top 6 million

Cases of COVID-19 surpassed 6 million worldwide on Sunday accompanied by 367,000 deaths including an increasing toll in Latin America.

SpaceX Crew Dragon flies to Space Station

Two NASA astronauts arrived at the International Space Station aboard the Crew Dragon capsule, a day after SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched.

Trump postpones ‘outdated’ G-7 summit

U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters will delay the annual G-7 summit until fall, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel declined an invitation.

CTBTO urges no restart in nuclear testing

Members of the international watchdog monitoring nuclear testing warned any U.S. demonstration nuclear test explosion would mperil global security.

Trump to end U.S. involvement with WHO

U.S. President Donald Trump announced he will withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization, attempting to deflect blame for U.S. crises.

U.N. climate summit delayed until 2021

The U.N.’s annual climate summit planned for November in Glasgow, Scotland, will be postponed for a year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

ILO warns of high job losses among youth

At least one of every six young workers has been idled during the pandemic and the losses could create a “lockdown generation,” the U.N. labor agency said.

E.U. leaders pitch huge recovery package

E.U. leaders unveiled a €750 billion coronavirus recovery plan to help continental members navigate the prospect of its deepest recession.

WHO warns pandemic’s first wave not over

As nations ease coronavirus lockdowns, WHO officials cautioned the first wave of the pandemic has not ended and a “second peak” may occur.

U.N. expert: Saudi case a ‘parody of justice’

The head of the U.N. team that investigated Jamal Khashoggi’s death dismissed pardons that could allow Saudi authorities to release his killers.

Trump to pull U.S. from surveillance treaty

The United States announced it is withdrawing from a treaty that permits mutual unarmed surveillance flights over 34 nations.

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 5 million

For the second time in a row, the world notched another 1 million coronavirus cases in just 12 days as the global tally surpassed 5 million confirmed cases.

Oxfam forced to shutter aid in 18 nations

Oxfam International it will shed almost 30 percent of its global staff and pull up stakes in 18 nations due to financial hardship.

U.S.-China feud dominates WHO assembly

Under U.S. pressure, the World Health Assembly unanimously approved a resolution calling for a review of WHO’s pandemic response.

Suspect arrested in 1994 Rwanda genocide

After 25 years on the run, Félicien Kabuga, a high-profile fugitive in the 1994 Rwanda genocide, was arrested outside Paris to stand trial in a U.N. court.

Officials say Olympic safety will not be easy

The heads of the IOC and WHO acknowledged the COVID-19 pandemic makes next year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics unpredictable.

Virus enters world’s largest refugee camps

Officials sounded the alarm after the first COVID-19 infections were detected at the world’s largest refugee settlement for Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

U.N. report forecasts 3.2% economic drop

The world economy is projected to shrink by 3.2 percent in 2020 — its biggest contraction since the 1930s Great Depression — due to the pandemic.

Irish ‘pay forward’ Choctaws’ 1847 charity

The Navajo Nation thanked Irish people for repaying a 173-year-old favor that was an early use of an international organization to deliver humanitarian aid.

Coronavirus cases worldwide top 4 million

In just 12 days the world added a million confirmed COVID-19 cases, pushing the total to more than 4 million led by a surge in the United States.

Security Council halted by U.S. on cease-fire

The U.S. blocked a U.N. Security Council vote to end global hostilities amid a pandemic — the same day diplomats emphasized lessons from World War II.