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WHO warns pandemic’s first wave not over

A Swiss vending machine now offers hand disinfection gel (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

As nations ease up on coronavirus lockdowns, World Health Organization officials cautioned on Monday the first wave of the pandemic has not ended and a “second peak” may occur with global infections and deaths still increasing.

Trump to pull U.S. from surveillance treaty

A surveillance helicopter takes off from a British Royal Navy destroyer (ARÊTE/Gary Weatherston)

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Thursday he plans to withdraw the United States from an international treaty that permits mutual unarmed surveillance flights over 34 nations, but he believes a new deal can be made.

U.S.-China feud dominates WHO assembly

The opening of last year's World Health Assembly in pre-pandemic times (ARÊTE/Eric Bridiers)

Under fire from the United States, the World Health Organization’s top governing body unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday calling for an independent review of its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials say Olympic safety will not be easy

Pedestrians reflected in Tokyo ads for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games (ARÊTE/Masaru Kamikura)

The heads of the International Olympic Committee and World Health Organization acknowledged on Saturday the COVID-19 pandemic makes next year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics unpredictable.

Virus enters world’s largest refugee camps

Children at a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (ARÊTE/DFID)

Officials with the U.N. refugee agency and other aid organizations sounded the alarm on Friday after the first COVID-19 infections were detected at the world’s largest refugee settlement for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh.

U.N. report forecasts 3.2% economic drop

A Tesla assembly line (ARÊTE/Steve Jurvetson)

The world economy is projected to shrink by 3.2 percent in 2020 — its biggest contraction since the 1930s Great Depression — due to the pandemic, according to an analysis from United Nations economists on Wednesday.

Irish ‘pay forward’ Choctaws’ 1847 charity

Kindred Spirits sculpture in County Cork, Ireland honoring Choctaws' donation to Irish famine relief (ARÊTE/Gavin Sheridan)

Navajo Nation Attorney General Doreen McPaul thanked the Irish people on Monday for repaying a 173-year-old favor that represented one of the earliest uses of an international organization to deliver humanitarian aid.

Coronavirus cases worldwide top 4 million

A masked traveler and cleaner in Washington's desolate Dulles International Airport on April 17, 2020 (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

In just 12 days the world added a million confirmed COVID-19 cases, pushing the total to more than 4 million on Saturday led by a surge in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University and Google data trackers.

Security Council halted by U.S. on ceasefire

On the 75th anniversary, Russians reconstruct the 1944 Vyborg offensive against the Finnish Army (ARÊTE/Ninara)

The United States blocked a U.N. Security Council vote on Friday calling for an end to global hostilities amid a pandemic — the same day diplomats emphasized lessons from World War II’s end in Europe 75 years earlier.

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