Global coronavirus cases surge past 25 million

The world reached 25 million coronavirus infections, rising at a pace that indicates the pandemic has further accelerated since the 20 million mark.

Envoy says Syrian peace talks restoring trust

The U.N. special envoy to Syria said peace talks built “a little bit” more confidence and trust among government, opposition and civil society representatives.

No remote learning for 463 million children

Nearly a third of the world’s 1.5 billion schoolchildren have been unable to access remote learning during school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

WEF postpones Davos gathering to summer

Summer hiking paths instead of winter ski trails await world leaders and power brokers at the World Economic Forum’s next annual gathering in Davos.

IAEA chief negotiates nuclear access with Iran

Amid rising tensions on the U.N. Security Council over the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, IAEA and Tehran said Tehran will allow inspectors at two nuclear sites.

Security Council rejects U.S. demands on Iran

The U.N. Security Council rejected the Trump administration’s attempt to use the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to restore international sanctions against Tehran.

Rebuilding tourism industry a U.N. priority

The pandemic could eliminate 40 percent of global tourism’s 300 million jobs — one of every 10 — and trillions of dollars essential to developing economies.

WHO chief hopes for 2-year limit to pandemic

WHO’s chief offered a tentative timetable for subduing the pandemic in less than two years if nations can pull together in fighting it.

Tribunal convicts one in Hariri assassination

A U.N.-appointed tribunal convicted one of four Hezbollah members charged in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

WHO chief urges unity over ‘vaccine nationalism’

WHO’s chief said nations must band together and stop competing over access to future supplies of a potential vaccine if they want to beat the pandemic.

World surpasses 20 million coronavirus cases

The world reached a staggering milestone surpassing 20 million COVID-19 cases with 736,000 deaths — a doubling of 10 million cases in just over six weeks.

China sanctions NGO heads and U.S. lawmakers

China announced economic sanctions on 11 NGO leaders and U.S. lawmakers, in a retaliatory move against outspoken critics of its crackdown on Hong Kong.

Cybercrime and terrorism profit off pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is being exploited to radicalize would-be terrorists and to target vulnerable networks used by hospitals and healthcare systems.

Nationalism rejected on 75th A-bomb anniversary

On the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bombing, Hiroshima’s mayor called on world leaders to ban atomic weapons and boost international cooperation.

ILO child labor treaty gains universal backing

The ILO said a two decade-old convention outlawing the worst forces of child labor has gained universal ratification among all of its 187 member nations.

Generation of students at risk from school closures

A generation of children could suffer major setbacks if nations fail to sufficiently contain the coronavirus so schools can reopen, according to UNESCO data.

Rare splashdown caps SpaceX and NASA flight

The SpaceX Crew Dragon and NASA crew plunged into the Gulf of Mexico, completing the first manned orbit in a commercially built and operated spacecraft.