Head of IPI resigns over Epstein funding

Terje Rød Larsen resigned as head of International Peace Institute due to his “failed judgment” in taking money from Jeffrey Epstein, IPI’s board announced.

IPBES ties pandemic risks to nature crisis

Pandemics will become more frequent, faster-spreading and deadlier than COVID-19 if Earth’s natural life support systems are not restored, IPBES reported.

U.S. rejection upsets WTO leadership race

The U.S. upended WTO’s selection of its next director-general as the sole nation to back South Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee over Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

UNCTAD shows 49% foreign investments drop

Global foreign direct investment plummeted by 49 percent during the first half of 2020 compared with a year ago due to the pandemic, UNCTAD reported.

Rwandan suspect in 1994 genocide sent to IRMCT

French authorities made a high-profile genocide trial possible by transferring a long-sought fugitive in the 1994 Rwanda genocide to a U.N. criminal court.

U.N. nuclear treaty ban to enter into force

Fifty nations ratified a treaty to ban nuclear weapons that will enter into force in 90 days, the U.N. confirmed on the same day it was founded 75 years ago.

Libya reaches cease-fire deal at Geneva talks

Libya’s two main warring sides signed a U.N.-brokered cease-fire deal that also requires military pullouts by Russia, Turkey and other regional powers.

OSCE ‘grave concerns’ at Trump election ploys

OSCE election observers reported widespread concerns about U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to uncercut voter confidence in the presidential election.

Russian hackers accused in Olympic cyber plots

Russia vehemently denied accusations and charges by British and American authorities that its agents planned or carried out hacks of Olympic Games.

Report shows cocoa industry pledge to ILO failed

A new report finds the $100 billion chocolate industry’s promise to ILO to eliminate child slavery not only remains unfulfilled — things have gotten worse.

Global coronavirus cases surpass 40 million

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide topped 40 million with 1.1 million deaths as a second wave of the virus hits European nations.

WTO to be led by woman from Nigeria or S. Korea

The final phase of a race to become WTO’s next director-general began with two well-qualified women from Nigeria and South Korea vying for the top post.

U.N. lets Iran arms ban lapse despite U.S. dissent

The signatories to the Iran nuclear deal allowed a U.N.-imposed embargo on arms trade with the nation and some travel bans to expire as planned.

Trump dismisses Putin’s New START offer

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to extend the New START treaty as is, but U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration called it a “non-starter.”

Experts urge G-20 to outdo debt suspensions

Experts cautioned a move by the world’s richest countries to give the poorest ones more time to pay off debts will not do enough to alleviate massive suffering.

IMF sees global economy shrinking 4.4% in 2020

The pandemic-hit global economy is expected to contract by as much as 4.4 percent this year, the International Monetary Fund forecast.

China, Russia join U.N. Human Rights Council

Despite criticism from the U.S. and human rights groups, China, Cuba and Russia were among 15 nations that won seats on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Eight nations agree on rules to develop Moon

Seven nations joined the U.S. in signing agreements to reinforce and use international rules for peacefully cooperating on and around the Moon’s surface.

Report cites climate-linked rise in disasters

A new report found disasters due to weather may force nearly 162 million people to seek humanitarian aid by 2030, almost 50 percent more than in 2018.

WFP wins Nobel Prize to focus world on hunger

The Nobel Peace Prize went to the World Food Program for its efforts to alleviate hunger amid the pandemic and to urge more international cooperation.

OPCW confirms nerve agent in Navalny attack

Germany and France pushed for E.U. sanctions on Russia after OPCW confirmed Russia’s Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent.