Report: UNDP audit looks into GEF projects

UNDP said in response to a news article it examined possbible “misuse of funds” affecting almost US$100 million in GEF-funded projects.

U.N. talks open on Syria national governance

Syrian representatives, dogged by mistrust from an almost decade-long civil war, began a fourth round of peace talks on a new system of governance.

WHO plugs need for testing even after vaccines

Even after COVID-19 vaccines become available, nations must offer widespread testing against infections to end the pandemic, WHO’s chief said.

CERN particle collider to reopen in 2021

CERN’s atom smasher will restart for the first test beams in May 2021, two months later than planned, and operate from March 2022 until the end of 2024.

Global coronavirus cases surpass 60 million

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections across the world topped 60 million with 1.4 million deaths as drug makers rush to produce new vaccines.

WMO says CO2 levels again at record high

Atmospheric CO2 levels reached a record high in 2019 and are expected to keep rising this year despite an economic slowdown due to the pandemic.

Biden U.N. pick signals U.S. return to alliances

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s selection of Linda Thomas-Greenfield to serve as ambassador to the U.N. signals America’s pivot back to multilateralism.

G-20 pledges global access to vaccines

G-20 leaders ended a summit promising to make COVID-19 vaccines affordable and equally accessible for all and to support the U.N. health agency.

UNHCR warns of full blown crisis in Ethiopia

After warning of “a full-scale humanitarian crisis” in Ethiopia, United Nations officials said 32,000 people fled Tigray region and 200,000 more may follow.

IFRC finds climate aid not reaching most in need

None of the 20 nations most vulnerable to climate change were among the top recipients of aid to help adapt to global warming, IFRC reported.

WHO chief says vaccines alone won’t end pandemic

WHO’s chief said reports of Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine were “encouraging news,” but cautioned more will be needed to end the pandemic.

NASA launch to Space Station signals new era

The first privately run spacecraft certified by NASA to fly people launched into orbit and docked with the International Space Station carrying four astronauts.

Asia-Pacific nations sign world’s biggest trade pact

Fifteen Asia-Pacific nations including China signed a pact to create the world’s biggest trading alliance, covering 30 percent of global GDP.

Libyan sides agree to 2021 nationwide elections

Libya’s two main warring factions agreed to hold nationwide elections on December 24, 2021, the U.N. acting envoy for Libya said.

G-20 agrees to ‘common framework’ for debt relief

The G-20 major economies agreed to a framework for more debt relief among poor nations, responding to appeals from humanitarian and economic leaders.

Five judges win 9-year terms on U.N. top court

Four judges from China, Japan, Slovakia and Uganda were re-elected to the International Court of Justice, while a German candidate won the fifth open slot.

Days after election, U.S. rights under inspection

With U.S. elections just barely decided, the U.N. Human Rights Council finished putting America’s human rights record under a microscope.

Pledges to ensure vaccines access in poorer nations

International organizations and European governments pledged to broaden access to vaccines among poorer nations at the third annual Paris Peace Forum.

Groups cite high number of land mine casualties

At least 5,554 people were killed or wounded last year because they stepped on a land mine or other unexploded devices from war, a new report found.

Envoy says 126 nations seek carbon neutrality

The top U.N. official for global climate action said 65 percent of the world body’s 193 member nations will seek net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Coronavirus cases top 50 million worldwide

Coronavirus cases topped 50 million with 1.25 million deaths as a second wave made Europe the worst-hit region and brought a record number of U.S. cases.