Russian attack challenges global order

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine set off global alarm over a new Cold War and dire challenges to power structures and international organizations.

UNEP urges rethink on wildfire policy

The incidence of extreme fires around the world is expected to increase by as much as 50 percent by the end of the century, environmental experts warned.

U.N. chief decries Russian ‘violation’

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres described Russia’s moves in Ukraine as a flagrant defiance of international law and the norms of peacekeeping.

NATO ready for the ‘worst’ in Ukraine

NATO’s secretary general said there is no indication that Russia is backing away from possibly invading Ukraine, and the military buildup continues.

IPCC wrapping up next major climate report

A panel of the world’s top climate scientists began putting the final touches on their latest comprehensive look at how global warming affects the planet.

Organizations warn of crisis in Horn of Africa

An estimated 13 million people face severe hunger in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia due to the worst drought conditions in decades, WFP said.