Nations rally behind Ukraine at UNGA

By an overwhelming majority, the U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution that blamed Russia for Ukraine’s severe humanitarian crisis.

Paris climate treaty goal on ‘life support’

The world is “sleepwalking” towards ruin as the coronavirus and Russia’s war in Ukraine put a 1.5 degrees C. limit further out of reach, the U.N. chief said.

More than 3 million refugees flee Ukraine

While many Ukrainians stay to fight, several million Ukrainians have fled their country, mostly to Poland, since Russia’s invasion last month.

U.N. panel to probe abuses in Ukraine

The U.N. Human Rights Council authorized a panel to investigate abuses and violations of international law from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nations to draft plastic waste treaty

Delegates from 175 nations to the U.N. Environment Assembly voted unanimously to devise a treaty that tries to cleanse the world of plastic pollution.

World demands Russia leave Ukraine

The U.N. General Assembly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and demanded that Russian forces halt their offensive on Ukrainian cities and ports.