U.N. declares healthy environment a human right

A second vote in the United Nations solidifies international recognition that everyone’s access to a clean and healthy environment is a fundamental right.

Russian attack on Ukraine flouts U.N. grain deal

Russia struck Ukraine’s port of Odesa, violating the deal brokered by Turkey and the United Nations that Moscow and Kyiv signed less than a day earlier.

Monkeypox declared a global health emergency

WHO’s chief declared monkeypox a global health emergency, citing a rapid escalation in cases to more than 16,000 among 75 nations and territories.

Pandemic sets back childhood vaccinations

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the largest decline in childhood vaccinations in three decades, threatening millions of children, says UNICEF and WHO.

International statistics to manage policy and risk

From statistics on ESG investing to the SDGs, the U.N. and numerous other international organizations offer a wide range of data sets and services.

Russia shortens Syrian lifeline of aid deliveries

Obstructed by Russia’s demands, the U.N. Security Council agreed to a six-month entension for cross-border humanitarian aid deliveries to Syria.

Pandemic ‘nowhere near over’ with new surges

The public health experts who declared COVID-19 was a pandemic said it isn’t over yet because new variants “may present an even greater health threat.”

Nations approve first guidelines for valuing nature

The IPBES guidelines could prod decision-making beyond just politics and economics to deal with our massive loss of species and rising temperatures.

G-20 divides over Russia’s war in Ukraine

Indonesia’s foreign minister called on top diplomats from the Group of 20 major economies to help end Russia’s war in Ukraine “sooner than later.”

War in Ukraine accelerates poverty and starvation

Skyrocketing food and energy prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushed 71 million more people into extreme poverty, UNDP reported.

Global hunger spikes to 9.8% of world population

Even before Russia’s war in Ukraine, global hunger soared last year to affect almost one-in-10 people on the planet, five United Nations agencies reported.

CERN celebrates ‘Run 3’ — and 3 new exotic particles

Scientists cheered as the world’s biggest and most powerful atom smasher started recording high-energy collisions of protons at an unprecedented 13.6 TeV.

Ukraine maps US$750B postwar recovery plan

More than 40 nations and international organizations signed onto a roadmap for Ukraine’s recovery with longterm financial, political and technical support.

U.N. audit shows staff dodged virus disclosures

More than 40% of U.N. Geneva staff didn’t report their vaccination status despite having to do so, and most of those that did weren’t fully vaccinated.

The U.N. human rights office recorded 12,867 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 5,401 killed, 7,466 injured. Actual figures are likely higher.

The U.N. human rights office recorded 12,867 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 5,401 killed, 7,466 injured. Actual figures are likely higher.

ICC ‘unfortunately’ still needed

It has been 20 years since U.N. diplomats stood and cheered when a treaty gained enough support to launch the world’s first permanent war crimes tribunal.

Europe in ‘urgent’ fight against monkeypox

Monkeypox cases tripled in Europe over the past two weeks in what WHO calls a race to prevent the virus from becoming entrenched in the region.

Ocean summit ends declaring a ‘global emergency’

More than 150 nations committed to put science at the heart of renewed efforts to tackle the multiple human-caused crises threatening the ocean.