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About Us

Arête News is an independent media platform that explores and explains the world of international organizations. Our mission is to inform, empower and connect global professionals taking on the world’s most urgent challenges.

We strive to be the dominant source for nonpartisan news on international organizations and to provide real-time tools that inform and engage citizens everywhere. Our vision is a community of well-informed global professionals united in finding solutions to save our home planet. As U.S. astronaut Nick Hague, aboard the International Space Station, said: “Cooperation at a global scale is what’s going to propel humanity into the future.”

Our core values are accountability, accuracy, humanity, impartiality and independence. That means we are dedicated to pursuing and telling all of the truth as well as it can be learned; serving as a reliable, trusted provider of fact-based reporting in the public interest; using common decency, fairness and integrity while causing no unnecessary harm.

Why the name?

Rooted in passions for journalism and climbing, Arête News draws on meanings with and without the French circumflex.

An arête is a knifelike ridge that separates two valleys and usually leads to a summit; arete is a Greek concept for moral virtue and a life well-lived. Pronounced ah-reh-tay, it signifies potential fulfilled.

Combining those meanings, Arête News stands for sharpness, elevation and the pursuit of excellence.


The photo above was taken by the late, great Anja Niedringhaus, a Pulitzer Prize-winning German photojournalist who was a colleague and a friend. This was our office view from the Palais des Nations, looking towards Lac Léman and the Mont Blanc massif. The lenticular, circumflex-shaped cloud above the French Alps in her photo helped inspire the name, Arête News.

Anja had a tremendous sense of humor and compassion, courage and drive. She dedicated her life to bringing to the world the pictures and stories that mattered most. She was murdered doing her job in Afghanistan in April 2014. “I do my job simply to report people’s courage with my camera and with my heart,” she said.

Arête News owes a huge debt to the late Eric Mueller, an experienced American tech entrepreneur and software engineer in Zürich who died suddenly of a heart attack in August 2020. Eric’s wise counsel, direction and strong belief in the project continues to provide daily motivation and inspiration. He is sorely missed.

Eric was the judge of a competition sponsored by the former Switchplus AG that resulted in the platform’s initial building and design. Without him, Arête News simply would not exist. He agreed to stay on as a web systems architect and adviser after the project passed to other capable hands. Passionate, intelligent and outrageously funny, Eric also built the first website for Tesla Motors and helped start AOL’s Hollywood office.


John Heilprin, Editor in Chief

John Heilprin is a U.N.-accredited international journalist and editor with more than 30 years of experience reporting from four continents. He reported for The Associated Press in Washington, U.N. headquarters in New York and Geneva, where he led AP’s bureau. Accustomed to writing for billions of readers, he covered the highest levels of global and U.S. politics and won 11 awards for foreign reporting, global climate coverage and investigative work, and a global climate fellowship. He lives in the Swiss capital.

Dulce Torrero, General Manager

Dulce Torrero has extensive experience in international business development and project management in the telecommunications and sports media industries. She is based in the Swiss capital Bern and is an experienced, multicultural, multilingual team manager who has taught graduate-level courses in Switzerland on business management and startups.

Ronald Powers, Assignment / Investigations Editor

Ronald Powers is a veteran journalist, accomplished storyteller, writer and editor who is long accustomed to upholding the highest standards in journalism, all while under intense deadline pressures for a 24/7 multimedia audience and readership in the billions. He is based in Washington and served as a national editor and supervisor of the global report from the Washington bureau of The Associated Press, where he worked for more than 40 years.

Piotr Metelski, Web Designer / Photographer

Piotr Metelski is an experienced, multilingual and multicultural web designer, independent photographer, project leader, art designer and entrepreneur. He is based in Winterthur, Switzerland and is the co-director of Picture-Planet GmbH, a team of specialists for print, graphic and professional web design.

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