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We’re in business to help the world see its way forward.


Conceived in Geneva, Switzerland’s hub of multilateralism, Arete News is a journalism company incorporated in Arlington, Virginia, that provides independent, accurate coverage of the world’s leading international organizations.

Our mission is to inform, empower and connect global professionals seeking solutions for the world’s most urgent policy issues. We strive to be the dominant source for nonpartisan news on international organizations across every continent and to provide real-time tools that inform and engage citizens everywhere. We envision a well-informed global community, united in finding and unlocking solutions that benefit all humanity and the planet.


Our values reflect our name, arete, a Greek word (ἀρετή) for virtue and fulfilling one’s potential. An arête also is a knifelike ridge. Rooted in passions for journalism and climbing, Arete News stands for sharpness, elevation and the pursuit of excellence. As U.S. astronaut Nick Hague, aboard the International Space Station, said: “Cooperation at a global scale is what’s going to propel humanity into the future.”

Our Team

John Heilprin

Editor in Chief

Dulce Torrero

General Manager

Ronald Powers

Assignment & News Editor

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