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Conceived and editorially focused in Geneva, Switzerland’s hub of multilateralism, Arete News is a journalism company incorporated in Arlington, Virginia, that strives to provide independent, accurate, unbiased and essential coverage of the world’s leading international organizations.

Our mission is simple: to inform, empower and connect global professionals seeking solutions for managing the world’s most urgent policy issues. We envision a well-informed global community, united in finding and unlocking solutions that benefit all humanity and the planet. Our values reflect our name, arete, a Greek word (ἀρετή) for the pursuit of excellence and fulfilling one’s potential.

As U.S. astronaut Nick Hague, aboard the International Space Station, said: “Cooperation at a global scale is what’s going to propel humanity into the future.”

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John Heilprin

Founding Editor

Dulce Torrero

General Manager

Ronald Powers

Assignment Editor

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