Here you will find information about how to access the data sources and other tools provided by international organizations along with data-driven reporting.

International statistics to manage policy and risk

From statistics on ESG investing to the SDGs, the U.N. and numerous other international organizations offer a wide range of data sets and services.

Central banks lean into era of big data

Machine learning applications that use big data are increasingly helping central banks to conduct research and make decisions, according to a new BIS paper.

Resuscitating the League of Nations’ legacy

Ten million pages scanned, five million more to go. The project to digitize the former League of Nations’ entire archives by 2022 has hit the two-thirds mark.

E.U. court finds data vulnerable to U.S. spying

The E.U.’s top court ruled to invalidate an E.U.-U.S. data privacy shield on grounds it does not adequately protect against U.S. intelligence snooping.

E.U. court restricts internet privacy rules

Europe’s top court ruled E.U.’s digital privacy rules do not require Google to delete links to outdated or embarrassing info outside its 28-nation bloc.

42 nations agree to ethical standards for AI

The world’s first international, non-binding standards for artificial intelligence were approved by 42 nations in an effort to guide ethical development.

U.N. group sees risk to underwater cables

When an underwater cable severed, Tonga lost internet access for nearly two weeks, an incident that illustrates some of the risks a U.N. group is examining.

Leaders urge global oversight of tech sector

The tech sector came under pressure for more regulation with the Japanese prime minister’s promise to lead creation of a new system for data oversight.

Human rights applied to machine learning

International organizations want governments and tech companies to adopt a human rights declaration for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

UNDP joins test of AI for poverty reduction

Artificial intelligence will be examined as a potential tool of sustainable development by international organizations, tech giants and academics.

Behind scenes 5G edges closer to reality

As telecoms hurtle down a racecourse towards 5-G wireless technology, U.N. technical experts function as race directors working behind the starting gates.

Blockchain on a path towards mainstream

A decade after its invention, blockchain technology is inspiring the launch of new international organizations and potential new uses.

Data protection rules impact organizations

Europe’s new rules on data protection affect businesses and consumers worldwide — and also many international organizations that process personal data.