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Human rights applied to machine learning

International organizations want governments and tech companies to adopt a human rights declaration for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

China on defensive over Uyghur detentions

China’s government rejected the concerns of U.N. experts that at least 1 million ethnic Uyghurs are being detained and indoctrinated in Xinjiang Province.

UNDP joins test of AI for poverty reduction

Artificial intelligence will be examined as a potential tool of sustainable development by international organizations, tech giants and academics.

Cartoons stir Muslim push for ‘hatred’ ban

Deep-seated Muslim anger at efforts to satirize Prophet Muhammad in Danish cartoons stirred the IOC to propose a ban against incitement of religious hatred.

Modern slavery traps 40.3 million people

Modern slavery overtook the lives of at least 40.3 million people worldwide in 2016, according to estimates by an international organization.

Experts warn of existential threat to WTO

A panel of independent experts warned the WTO could become irrelevant if trade wars and tensions cause wider “backsliding” towards trade protectionism.

International hunt detects ghostly neutrino

An international observatory traced a high-energy cosmic neutrino back to its origin in a distant galaxy about 4 billion light years away.

Twiplomacy finds ‘all the world’s atwitter’

The U.N. and UNICEF are the most popular organizations on Twitter, where U.S. President Donald Trump overtook Pope Francis in the most-followed ranking.

U.N. humanitarian chief visits North Korea

The U.N.’s top humanitarian official paid a rare visit to North Korea, meeting other aid providers and some of the more than 10 million people who need help.

Behind scenes 5G edges closer to reality

As telecoms hurtle down a racecourse towards 5-G wireless technology, U.N. technical experts function as race directors working behind the starting gates.

Gaming addiction a mental health disorder

An inability to stop playing video games will be classified as a mental health condition for the first time in WHO’s manual of the world’s diseases.

U.N. holds first 21st century space summit

The U.N. is convening its first outer space conference in almost two decades, the celestial counterpart to its Earth-bound mission to prevent more wars.

Giant particle smasher receiving upgrades

The international organization that runs the world’s largest atom smasher has begun work on a major upgrade to improve chances for more discoveries.

Watchdogs set for U.S.-North Korea deal

Two nuclear watchdogs declared themselves prepared to carry out the monitoring and verification North Korea would need for denuclearization.

Blockchain on a path towards mainstream

A decade after its invention, blockchain technology is inspiring the launch of new international organizations and potential new uses.

WHO panel stops short of sugary tax

WHO called on governments to do more to reduce premature deaths from neglected chronic diseases, but stopped short of endorsing a sugary drinks tax.

Data protection rules impact organizations

Europe’s new rules on data protection affect businesses and consumers worldwide — and also many international organizations that process personal data.

Shaped by a history of waterways and wars

The first international organization dates to an 1804 treaty on the Rhine River. In the 20th century, they proliferated to find solutions and prevent wars.