The World of International Organizations

Irish ‘pay forward’ Choctaws’ 1847 charity

Kindred Spirits sculpture in County Cork, Ireland honoring Choctaws' donation to Irish famine relief (Arête News/Gavin Sheridan)

Navajo Nation Attorney General Doreen McPaul thanked the Irish people on Monday for repaying a 173-year-old favor that represented one of the earliest uses of an international organization to deliver humanitarian aid.

U.N. issues ‘call to action’ on human rights

The U.N. Human Rights Council chamber in Geneva, with its dome painted by Miquel Barceló, one of Spain’s leading contemporary artists (Arête News/Eric Bridiers)

United Nations leaders challenged nations, businesses and citizens to respond to a “call to action” on Monday for greater efforts around the globe to withstand a rising tide of human rights abuses, violent conflicts and climate change.

A.U. seeks new ways of ‘silencing the guns’

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa talks to reporters before the 33rd A.U. summit (Arête News/GCIS)

African Union leaders concluded their annual summit on Monday pledging to devote more resources to mediating an end to regional violence from a surge in civil wars and countries mired in conflicts among warring groups.

U.N. panel bolsters climate asylum seekers

Migrant farmworker Ioane Teitiota, whose family fled Kiribati's climate (Arête News/Timothy McDonald)

Migrant farmworker Ioane Teitiota lost his case against deportation from New Zealand, but in its ruling on Tuesday the U.N. Human Rights Committee said people fleeing the effects of climate change may be entitled to claim asylum.

Decade of rising attacks on kids in conflicts

A child protection officer from the U.N.'s Pakistani Female Engagement Team comforts children displaced by conflict at Mikenge, Congo (Arête News/MONUSCO)

Conflict-fueled attacks on children that authorities could verify tripled worldwide in the past decade to an average of 45 per day due to longer and more lethal wars that disregard humanitarian laws, UNICEF said on Monday.

Poor nations focus of global refugee forum

Children in the play area at the refugee triage center in Boa Vista, Brazil (Arête News/Michael Swan)

Six countries and the United Nations opened the first Global Refugee Forum on Monday to help poor nations overwhelmed by taking in people fleeing for safety across international borders.

U.N. warns significant carbon cuts needed

Power lines extend from South African coal-fired power plants (Arête News/Clint Mason)

A new United Nations report cautions the world must begin cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 7.6 percent a year starting in 2020 to meet global targets for avoiding the worst effects of planetary overheating.

The world of international organizations.

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