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Here you will find stories using data, insight and analysis to shed light on major trends among international organizations.

Acute hunger fueled by climate, conflicts, inflation

While you are reading this sentence, another man, woman or child will have died of starvation. That’s the message of an open letter from hundreds of NGOs.

Showdown over U.N. report on Xinjiang abuses

A U.N. report finds China’s persecution of Muslim Uyghurs may constitute crimes against humanity, drawing calls for accountability and Beijing’s scorn.

Rampant U.S. racism in focus at U.N. review

Entrenched racism, white nationalism, aggressive policing and xenophobia burden and stifle the lives, aspirations and rights of Americans nationwide.

Ukraine maps US$750B postwar recovery plan

More than 40 nations and international organizations signed onto a roadmap for Ukraine’s recovery with longterm financial, political and technical support.

ICC ‘unfortunately’ still needed

It has been 20 years since U.N. diplomats stood and cheered when a treaty gained enough support to launch the world’s first permanent war crimes tribunal.

WHO says virus ‘lab leak’ theory needs more study

After two years of discounting a controversial pandemic theory, WHO released a report urging “further investigations into this and all other possible pathways.”

Bachelet obstructed during China rights visit

The U.N.’s top human rights official acknowledged she could not adequately judge the situation for Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Difficult route to accord in Geneva talks

U.S. and Russian diplomats met for talks over Russia’s troop buildup by Ukraine, the first in a series of discussions that could be vital to Europe’s security.

U.N. authorizes probe of Tigray war abuses

The U.N. Human Rights Council voted to create an international commission of experts that will investigate abuses during the past year of war in Ethiopia.

Biden and Putin agree to reduce nuclear risks

With U.S.-Russia tensions nearing Cold War-era dimensions, Presidents Biden and Putin used Swiss diplomacy to agree to nuclear talks and other measures.

Myanmar coup raises stakes for investigations

A military coup toppling Myanmar’s democratically elected government adds urgency to human rights investigations into generals’ long history of brutal rule.

Vaccine nationalism hangs over 2021 recovery

Richer countries locked up most of 2021’s COVID-19 vaccine supply despite the COVAX Facility’s multilateral efforts to ensure all nations have equal access.

OSCE warns against Trump attacks on trust

OSCE observers concluded U.S. President Donald Trump’s false claims of victory and calls to halt vote-counting are eroding trust in American democracy.

OPCW confirms nerve agent in Navalny attack

Germany and France pushed for E.U. sanctions on Russia after OPCW confirmed Russia’s Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent.

The U.N. Trump bid that might have been

Ahead of his last U.N. visit, U.S. President Donald Trump dusted off a favorite self-aggrandizing tale about the time he “offered to rebuild” the world body.

Updated WHO timeline flags controversy

As WHO gears up for an investigation into its handling of the pandemic, its own revised timeline on COVID-19 might raise more questions than it answers.

A brave lone voice takes on the ’emperors’

In a podcast, Greta Thunberg invokes a 183-year-old tale that captures the thinking needed to solve the climate crisis and her surreal journey as an activist.

Racism flagged in reviews of U.S. rights

Dozens of nations repeatedly urged the U.S. to eradicate systemic racism and police brutality but there have been few improvements, two U.N. reviews show.

Irish ‘pay forward’ Choctaws’ 1847 charity

The Navajo Nation thanked Irish people for repaying a 173-year-old favor that was an early use of an international organization to deliver humanitarian aid.

E.U. raises €7.4 billion for anti-virus effort

World leaders joined forces for the launch of a European Union-led global pledging “marathon” that delivered promises of €7.4 billion for COVID-19 research.

Domestic abuse rises with virus lockdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating domestic violence as half the world’s population grapples with stay-at-home orders to keep the virus from spreading.