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Trove of financial documents reveal ‘shadow economy’

An analysis found offshore assets of politicians and officials from 91 countries and territories, including 35 current and former leaders, ICIJ reported.

Europe leads on ESG as global rules sought

The rise of ESG investing creates an “urgent demand for global standards,” says an organization working on them as the next U.N. climate summit nears.

WHO report points to animal source of virus

The coronavirus was likely transmitted initially from bats to humans through another animal and not from an accident in a Chinese lab, scientists reported.

U.N. experts urge probe of Navalny poisoning

Two U.N. human rights experts called for an international and independent investigation into the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Myanmar coup raises stakes for investigations

A military coup toppling Myanmar’s democratically elected government adds urgency to human rights investigations into generals’ long history of brutal rule.

Vaccine nationalism hangs over 2021 recovery

Richer countries locked up most of 2021’s COVID-19 vaccine supply despite the COVAX Facility’s multilateral efforts to ensure all nations have equal access.

Report: UNDP audit looks into GEF projects

UNDP said in response to a news article it examined possbible “misuse of funds” affecting almost US$100 million in GEF-funded projects.

OSCE warns against Trump attacks on trust

OSCE observers concluded U.S. President Donald Trump’s false claims of victory and calls to halt vote-counting are eroding trust in American democracy.

OPCW confirms nerve agent in Navalny attack

Germany and France pushed for E.U. sanctions on Russia after OPCW confirmed Russia’s Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent.

The U.N. Trump bid that might have been

Ahead of his last U.N. visit, U.S. President Donald Trump dusted off a favorite self-aggrandizing tale about the time he “offered to rebuild” the world body.

Generation of students at risk from school closures

A generation of children could suffer major setbacks if nations fail to sufficiently contain the coronavirus so schools can reopen, according to UNESCO data.

Updated WHO timeline flags controversy

As WHO gears up for an investigation into its handling of the pandemic, its own revised timeline on COVID-19 might raise more questions than it answers.

Racism flagged in reviews of U.S. rights

Dozens of nations repeatedly urged the U.S. to eradicate systemic racism and police brutality but there have been few improvements, two U.N. reviews show.

E.U. raises €7.4 billion for anti-virus effort

World leaders joined forces for the launch of a European Union-led global pledging “marathon” that delivered promises of €7.4 billion for COVID-19 research.

Domestic abuse rises with virus lockdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating domestic violence as half the world’s population grapples with stay-at-home orders to keep the virus from spreading.

Center says files show 12,000 Nazis’ assets

A global human rights organization revealed files found in Argentina containing the names of 12,000 Nazis from the 1930s, many with Swiss bank accounts.

WHO and Google team fight an ‘infodemic’

Secret cures or vaccines and Chinese biological weapons are some of the bogus social media claims WHO said it was debunking in the coronavirus outbreak.

UNESCO warns “duty to protect” heritage

UNESCO’s chief reminded Washington and Tehran they must protect cultural sites, after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to target Iran’s heritage.

U.N. peacekeeping abuses scrutinized

Six nations pushed for more accountability in U.N. peacekeeping at a meeting on progress towards ending mismanagement, sexual abuse and other violence.

Scientists declare global climate emergency

More than 11,000 scientists warned the world must immediately and fundamentally change if it is going to avert “untold suffering due to the climate crisis.”

Possible U.S. exit from Open Skies Treaty

Four senior Democrats in the U.S. Congress warned the Trump administration may withdraw from a treaty for mutual unarmed surveillance over 34 nations.