The World of International Organizations Explained

Big pharma stands behind universal health

Thomas Cueni, a former Swiss journalist and diplomat who directs IFPMA (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

The idea that everyone should have affordable, quality health services is backed by international organizations, including the global pharmaceutical industry’s trade group.

Top 5 watchlist for organizations in 2019

U.N. complex on New York's East Side as seen from Brooklyn (ARÊTE/John Gillespie)

After a year of political turmoil, international organizations enter a new year buffeted by populism, trade wars and power struggles as multilateralism faces rising political hostility.

Global health at risk as climate talks open

Protesters in Melbourne, Australia on the eve of the climate summit in Poland (ARÊTE/John Englart)

Propelled by an environmental U.N. chief and support from nearly all G-20 nations, global climate talks are launching in a Polish coal mining city and the public health stakes could not be higher.

U.N. led 76 investigations in past 55 years

Nonviolence sculpture, also known as "the knotted gun," at U.N. headquarters in New York (ARÊTE/Jim Bowen)

Amid growing calls on the U.N. secretary-general to order an independent investigation into Jamal Khashoggi’s killing, a review by ARÊTE NEWS found just eight previous instances of a secretary-general issuing such an order since 1963. The last was in 2010, in the wake of Sri Lanka’s civil war.

Fear discourages most U.N. whistleblowing

View from U.N. headquarters in New York (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

An independent review of whistleblowing at the United Nations found that nearly half its global staff witnessed misconduct or wrongdoing at work in the past five years, but most of those who did were too afraid to report it.

Election meddling versus voting assistance

A woman votes in Timor-Leste's presidential election (ARÊTE/U.K. Mission to the U.N.)

Russians and Americans both have a history of meddling in foreign elections but they are not equivalent, international organizations and democracy proponents say.

Iran nuclear deal widens U.S.-Europe rift

Billboards in Tehran (ARÊTE/Rafael Robles)

The gambit to allow Iran’s economic opening to the West in exchange for curbs on its nuclear ambitions now depends on its European, Russian and Chinese trading partners, as the U.S. reneges on the 2015 nuclear deal and reimposes sanctions.

Trump trade war erodes anti-poverty goals

Daily commercial trade in Kashgar, China (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

Trade wars and tensions sparked by U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs against China, the European Union and others threaten to undermine the work of international organizations trying to lift the world’s poorest out of poverty.

The world of international organizations explained.


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