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BIS says future is digital currency, not crypto

The global financial institution that supports central banks has a new blueprint for the world’s monetary system, and it’s not crypto-based.

Street renamed to honor murdered journalist

Saudis in the U.S. capital now have a daily reminder of the unconscionable brutality that prompted President Joe Biden to label Saudi Arabia a “pariah” nation.

WHO readies monkeypox emergency reponses

The U.N. health agency is seeking global access to vaccines against monkeypox and calling a meeting to decide if the virus outbreak is a global emergency.

Bachelet to step down after one term

Just weeks after a trip to China that drew widespread criticism, Michelle Bachelet said she will not seek a second four-term as U.N. human rights chief.

WTO tackles food, vaccines, fishing subsidies

Hunger, vaccine patents and fishing subsidies top the agenda as the global trade body holds its first ministerial conference in four and a half years.

Voting rights in international organizations

Proportion of voting rights in international organizations, with only small changes over time to reflect agreement on suspension and negotiated changes.

Share of parties to global environmental treaties

Share of parties to international multilateral environmental agreements on hazardous waste and other chemicals that meet their reporting commitments.

Proportion of developing countries in organizations

Share of members of international organizations defined as developing countries.

20 nations sign on to Americas migration plan

Biden wrapped up the Summit of the Americas unveiling a migration plan that comes at a pivotal moment for cohesion and democracy’s future in the region.

WHO says virus ‘lab leak’ theory needs more study

After two years of discounting a controversial pandemic theory, WHO released a report urging “further investigations into this and all other possible pathways.”

U.N. votes in 5 new Security Council members

Five nations won seats on the U.N. Security Council for the next two years, putting them in a position to influence global policies on peace and security.

Food crises to worsen with war, climate shocks

Tens of millions of people in 20 hunger “hotspots” will need emergency aid as they face a sharply increased risk of starvation, two U.N. agencies predicted.

Bonn talks stoke hopes for U.N. climate summit

Climate negotiators in Bonn, Germany began trying to build momentum for greater ambition at the U.N. climate summit that Egypt will host in November.

Treaties link pollution to broader harm

A group of nations is looking at how they can use regulations for hazardous chemicals and wastes to tackle pollution, global warming and species losses.

War crimes probe in Ukraine expands

Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia are the newest members of an E.U.-backed Joint Investigative Team, probing war crimes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

New talks set for U.N. high seas treaty proposal

Proponents of a U.N. global high seas treaty for protecting biodiversity are set to resume talks in August with the goal of approving it as soon as possible.

Health leaders bow to conservative nations

Nations appeased conservatives with a new strategy for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections that omits a glossary of sexual health terms.

Bachelet obstructed during China rights visit

The U.N.’s top human rights official acknowledged she could not adequately judge the situation for Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Russian attacks on Ukraine health facilities rebuked

The World Health Assembly voted to condemn and call for an immediate end to Russia’s military attacks on Ukraine’s hospitals, clinics and ambulances.

Heftier hurricanes, simmering summers, wilder wildfires

Now here’s a climate change twist: the U.S. weather agency — forecasting lots of Atlantic hurricanes — finds reducing air pollution causes more hurricanes.

WHO chief: ‘Pandemic will not magically disappear’

The World Health Organization’s governing body opened its weeklong annual meeting against a backdrop of financial tumoil and war in Europe.