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WMO cautions against seasonal easing on virus

The U.N. weather agency advised governments against relaxing COVID-19 restrictions based on assumptions the coronavirus will decline with warm weather.

First WHO listing for one-shot COVID-19 vaccine

WHO approved Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, adding a fourth shot to the international arsenal of tools against the pandemic.

Central banks lean into era of big data

Machine learning applications that use big data are increasingly helping central banks to conduct research and make decisions, according to a new BIS paper.

Analysis finds climate pledges ‘fall far short’

The world’s promised cuts in greenhouse gases come nowhere close to fulfilling the 2015 Paris Agreement, according to a new U.N. analysis.

COVAX starts global vaccine push in Ghana

The COVAX Facility’s global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines finally launched with the delivery of 600,000 doses to Ghana’s capital Accra.

U.S. welcomed back to Paris climate treaty

French President Emmanuel Macron led a chorus of world leaders and advocates in celebrating the United States’ official return to the 2015 Paris Agreement.

UNEP plan seeks way out of nature crisis

In a new major report, the U.N. Environment Program recommended a “scientific blueprint” for governments to tackle three environmental crises at once.

Nations debate call for ‘vaccination cease-fire’

The U.N. Security Council took up a proposed resolution calling for cease-fires in conflict zones that would allow deliveries of coronavirus vaccines.

China and U.S. spar over WHO probe

Chinese diplomats pushed back against U.S. skepticism about whether Beijing fully cooperated with WHO scientists investigating the pandemic’s origins.

WWF says deep sea mining risks too high

Allowing mining companies to tap deep sea deposits beneath international waters poses too many underwater risks, a global environmental group reported.

WHO team focuses on virus from animals

The initial spread of the coronavirus among people most likely originated from an animal and not from a Chinese lab, WHO-led scientists told journalists.

Okonjo-Iweala to head WTO with U.S. backing

Nigerian-American Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is poised to become the next head of Geneva-based WTO after clinching the “strong support” of the United States.

U.N. chief taps Bloomberg for key climate role

Michael Bloomberg was reappointed to the role of U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres’ special envoy on climate ambition and solutions.

Top U.N. court to hear Iran’s case against U.S.

ICJ ruled it has jurisdiction to hear Iran’s case challenging the U.S. economic sanctions reimposed by the former Trump administration in 2018.

ILO: Pandemic dwarfs global financial crisis

The U.N. labor agency estimated job losses in 2020 due to the pandemic were quadruple those during the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.

China overtakes U.S. in new foreign investment

China surpassed the United States as the world’s top recipient of foreign direct investment with inflows of US$163 billion in 2020, new UNCTAD figures show.

Study finds most large dams obsolete by 2050

Most of the world’s population by mid-century will face risks living downstream from tens of thousands of aging concrete dams, says a U.N. University report.

U.S. reversals on global health and climate policy

Moves to rejoin WHO and the Paris climate treaty were among a burst of immediate directives issued by U.S. President Joe Biden upon taking office.

WHO chief angered at rich grip on vaccines

The WHO chief expressed moral outrage at rich nations’ young, healthy adults getting vaccinated ahead of poor nations’ elderly and health care workers.

ILO concerned for pandemic homeworkers

ILO reported the number of home-based workers soared with the pandemic, prompting the need for more employment protections.

WHO urges end to bilateral vaccine deals

The head of the U.N. health agency asked wealthy countries to stop hoarding most of the world’s COVID-19 vaccine supply, saying it hurts poorer nations.