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U.S. rejection upsets WTO leadership race

The U.S. upended WTO’s selection of its next director-general as the sole nation to back South Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee over Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

UNCTAD shows 49% foreign investments drop

Global foreign direct investment plummeted by 49% during the first half of 2020 compared with a year ago due to the pandemic, UNCTAD reported.

Report shows cocoa industry pledge to ILO failed

A new report finds the $100 billion chocolate industry’s promise to ILO to eliminate child slavery not only remains unfulfilled — things have gotten worse.

WTO to be led by woman from Nigeria or S. Korea

The final phase of a race to become WTO’s next director-general began with two well-qualified women from Nigeria and South Korea vying for the top post.

Experts urge G-20 to outdo debt suspensions

Experts cautioned a move by the world’s richest countries to give the poorest ones more time to pay off debts will not do enough to alleviate massive suffering.

Treaty shows global diversity goals off-track

Humans are trashing the planet so fast it would take 1.7 “Earths” to regenerate all the biological resources used up from 2011 to 2016, a U.N. treaty reported.

WTO sides with China in Trump’s trade war

The U.S. violated international trade rules by slapping US$234 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods without justification two years ago, a WTO panel ruled.

ILO child labor treaty gains universal backing

The ILO said a two decade-old convention outlawing the worst forces of child labor has gained universal ratification among all of its 187 member nations.

Groups find authorities prey on African migrants

A new report found government officials inflicted almost half the violence suffered by people risking grave dangers to transit through North Africa for Europe.

Organizations call on G-20 to cancel debts

Four anti-poverty international organizations called on G-20 finance ministers to cancel debts in poor nations so they can deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

E.U. court finds data vulnerable to U.S. spying

The E.U.’s top court ruled to invalidate an E.U.-U.S. data privacy shield on grounds it does not adequately protect against U.S. intelligence snooping.

Eight candidates in running for WTO chief

Eight contenders from Britain, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and South Korea have until September 7 to campaign for the job of WTO chief.

Africa’s mobile money risks alarm Interpol

Interpol warned that organized crime has infiltrated Africa’s mobile money industry as a platform for human trafficking, money laundering and the drug trade.

U.S. rules foreign NGOs lack speech rights

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that foreign affiliates of U.S.-based organizations lack free speech rights.

Illegal wildlife profits US$7B-$23B a year

The Financial Action Task Force said in it first-ever global report on the illegal wildlife trade that it launders US$7 billion-$23 billion in profits a year.

ITU seeks to counter online pandemic risks

New guidelines from the U.N. telecom agency aim to fend off cybercriminals, traffickers and other online abusers as the pandemic raises the risks to children.

U.N. forecasts foreign investments plunge

New business investment globally will likely drop by up to 40% this year and 10% in 2021 from the COVID-19 pandemic, UNCTAD reported.

Candidates vie to become next WTO chief

The embattled WTO shifted to selecting a new director-general in an expected race between candidates from Mexico, Africa and Europe.

Group of nations take on plastic in oceans

The U.N. General Assembly launched a new group dedicated to tackling marine plastic pollution by building support for a new global agreement.

Singaporean chosen as next WIPO director

WIPO’s top governing body appointed Daren Tang, a lawyer from Singapore, to serve as its next chief in a contest reflecting U.S.-China tensions.

Global energy demand and CO2 plummet

Global CO2 emissions are on track to decline by almost 8% this year from the pandemic causing the biggest downturn in energy use since World War II.