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U.N. resolution calls for global virus effort

The U.N. General Assembly urged all nations to join in ensuring universal access to medical supplies, drugs, future vaccines and testing for the pandemic.

IRENA says renewable energy boosts GDP

Governments could use energy transformations to create jobs, meet climate targets and produce GDP gains of US$98 trillion by 2050, according to a new report.

Leaders decry Trump cuts to WHO funding

World leaders and public health authorities denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to halt funding for the World Health Organization.

ILO sees 195 million jobs lost to recession

The world’s employees will lose working hours equivalent to 195 million jobs in the second quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic, the U.N. labor agency said.

Global trade services growth weakens

World Trade Organization figures showed global services trade growth slowed at the end of 2019 and into 2020, as countries faced the coronavirus outbreak.

UNCTAD sees US$50 billion exports drop

The global coronavirus outbreak likely caused a US$50 billion decline in worldwide manufacturing exports from China in February alone, UNCTAD reported.

G-7 pledges to fight new coronavirus risks

G-7 finance chiefs vowed to safeguard their economies from the coronavirus outbreak, but did not offer specifics about what they might be prepared to do.

Trump proposes steep cuts to global health

U.S. President Donald Trump sent a US$4.8 trillion budget plan to Congress proposing deep cuts to international organizations and global health programs.

WHO declares global emergency over virus

WHO said the coronavirus outbreak is a global health emergency, after the epidemic first detected in China spread to 7,800 cases and 170 deaths.

IOM assists migrant caravan in Guatemala

The U.N. migration agency was providing aid and arranging the return home of more than 140 migrants in Guatemala from Honduras trying to enter the U.S.

U.N. panel bolsters climate asylum seekers

Ioane Teitiota lost his case against deportation, but in its ruling the U.N. Human Rights Committee said people fleeing climate change may claim asylum.

IAEA cites improvements since Fukushima

Japan strengthened inspections as part of efforts to improve regulation of nuclear and radiation safety in the wake of the Fukushima Daichi accident in 2011.

WHO says new antibiotics pipeline thins

WHO At least 700,000 people a year die from drug-resistant diseases but only 50 antibiotics exist in the medical community pipeline of potential new drugs.

WEF’s top 5 global risks all environmental

WEF’s annual compendium of the biggest risks on the planet, released to shape next week’s gathering at Davos, overwhelmingly focuses on the climate crisis.

U.N. proposes pact to fight mass extinction

U.N. officials unveiled a sweeping plan to avert Earth’s sixth mass extinction, proposing a global wildlife treaty on the scale of the Paris climate accord.

IAEA and FAO help Senegal curb tsetse fly

A nuclear technique developed with U.N. support suppressed the disease-carrying tsetse fly in Senegal without harming other insects, IAEA said.

IEA prescribes wholesale power for India

India raised living standards for 1.4 billion citizens by expanding access to cleaner energy sources but must do more for security and growth, IAEA said.

Bond indicates confidence in organizations

The World Bank’s benchmark bond was set at its tightest spread to U.S. treasuries in the international organization’s history.

US$5 billion fund to cut shipping CO2

A London-based trade association proposed creating an organization to run a US$5 billion research fund for eliminating carbon from global shipping.

Marathon U.N. climate summit falls short

The U.N. climate summit ended in Madrid without resolving how to put a price on carbon and only partial agreement on more ambition in cutting pollutants.

UNAIDS dismisses #MeToo whistleblower

A whistleblower whose sexual assault probe upended UNAIDS was fired over misconduct claims in what she believes is “a blatant act of retaliation.”