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After 80 years, Atlantic Charter 2.0 is agreed

The U.S. and the U.K. signed a “revitalized” version of the 1941 Atlantic Charter to focus on 21st century risks such as cyber attacks and rising temperatures.

Experts urge policy nexus to nature, climate crises

The planet’s massive losses of species and rising temperatures are driven by human activities that must be tackled together, two organizations reported.

Open Skies lapse weakens U.S.-Russia ties

Russia withdrew from a treaty meant to lower the risk of conflict between Western nations and post-Soviet Russia, soon after the U.S. abandoned it.

G-7 backs 15% minimum global tax rate

Finance ministers from the Group of Seven agreed to set a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15 percent to deter multinationals from using tax havens.

OPCW points to 17 chemical attacks in Syria

Chemical weapons were used or likely used in at least 17 attacks in Syria, the international chemical weapons watchdog told the U.N. Security Council.

New compact boosts marine protected areas

Five nations announced a new alliance to promote more conservation of marine ecosystems in the fight against climate change.

U.N. told of potential war crimes in Gaza

The U.N. human rights chief raised the possibility that Israel’s military committed war crimes during its latest war with Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers.

WEF calls off Singapore summit over pandemic

The World Economic Forum cancelled a summer version of its annual meeting in Singapore and pushed its annual Davos meeting to “the first half of 2022.”

U.S. blocking call for Israel-Hamas ceasefire

The U.S. prevented the U.N. Security Council from issuing a statement calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers.

Expert panel says pandemic was preventable

An independent expert panel faulted the World Health Organization and world leaders with a slow-moving response to the coronavirus pandemic.

WHO grants emergency use of China’s Sinopharm

WHO added a Chinese shot to its list of COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use, providing COVAX another option to broaden vaccine access.

Methane cuts urged as cheaper climate path

A new U.N. report recommended methane emissions cuts as the most efficient way of preventing another 0.3 degrees Celsius of global warming.

U.S. and WTO chief push IP vaccine waiver

The United States and WTO chief backed waivers to vaccine patent protections aimed at speeding efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic.

E-commerce rises to 19% of all retail purchases

Global online sales among seven major economies jumped to almost one-fifth of all retail sales last year during the pandemic, UNCTAD reported.

Diplomats see progress on Iran nuclear talks

Major powers completed a third round of talks in Vienna amid “cautious and growing optimism,” seeking ways to resuscitate the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.

WHO lists Moderna vaccine for emergency use

WHO listed Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, the fifth such designation since the pandemic began and another step towards global access.

Global COVID-19 infections top 150 million

Two of every five cases were in the United States, India and Brazil alone — with more than 3.1 million deaths and 87 million recoveries worldwide.

U.N. chief to prolong deadlocked Cyprus talks

The U.N. chief remained determined to bring Cypriot leaders together despite acknowledging failure to surmount differences over how to restart formal talks.

ASEAN calls for end to Myanmar killings

Nine Southeast Asian nations demanded that the military in Myanmar — the tenth ASEAN member — should immediately cease all violence and killings.

Biden summit buoys climate treaty hopes

A two-day global climate summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden ended with leaders and companies pledging to decarbonize the world economy.

FIFA and UEFA rebuff breakaway league

World football’s governing body FIFA and Europe’s UEFA faced down their biggest challenge in decades from the proposed European Super League.