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Trump tensions make for G-7 minus one

The G-7 had more than an image problem on its hands when the U.S. president alienated other leaders and insulted the Canadian prime minister.

U.N. links rights to peace in North Korea

A U.N. special investigator argued that human rights should be added to the agenda of the planned U.S.-North Korea nuclear summit on June 12.

Labor leaders see role in peace and justice

Reflecting a world of instability and conflict, the ILO head set a somber tone opening a summit on the importance of decent jobs in building world peace.

Global foreign investment at 3-year low

Business investments across national borders or overseas plunged almost a quarter in 2017, and trade tensions may cause more setbacks, UNCTAD said.

Safety concerns over return of Rohingya

Myanmar and two U.N. agencies have agreed to return some of the 700,000 Rohingya Muslims home to Myanmar, despite serious safety concerns.

U.N. says Trump violates children’s rights

The U.N. human rights office said the Trump administration is violating children’s rights under international law by breaking up families from Mexico.

Longest U.N. whistleblower case settled

The U.N. settled a long-running case of retaliation against a former investigator, acknowledging it caused her professional and personal hardships.

Energy transition lags behind climate goals

An international organization that advances renewable energy sources finds the power sector is not changing fast enough to keep Earth from overheating.

WHO panel stops short of sugary tax

WHO called on governments to do more to reduce premature deaths from neglected chronic diseases, but stopped short of endorsing a sugary drinks tax.

African migration seen as economic boost

African migration could trigger big new economic benefits for origin and destination countries, UNCTAD reported. Most migrants move within the continent.

Case made for top-down U.N. reforms

The U.N. is weighing proposals to add two departments and revamp its 44,000 staff — a third the size of Microsoft or Apple — in a management shakeup.

#MeToo arrives at top labor forum

The world’s foremost gathering of labor officials wants to universally define workplace harassment and guarantee workers’ rights against violence.

Syria takes helm of disarmament forum

Chemical weapons killed hundreds of people in its seven-year civil war, yet Syria has a new role of presiding over the U.N. Conference on Disarmament.

Clean energy enters business mainstream

An international organization found 8 percent of 2,410 large companies it surveyed last year got at least half their electricity from renewable energy.

U.N. chief takes aim at the ‘scourge of war’

The U.N. secretary-general led off a major push to cut arms stockpiles — everything from “grenades to H-bombs” — in an attempt to eliminate warmongering.

Experts propose clean energy global fund

Proponents say a new global fund is needed to accelerate creation of technology that can help the clean energy sector fulfill the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Harassment and abuse claims on the rise

A leading insurance provider for international organizations says a major cause of loss and risk is rising liability from global harassment and abuse claims.