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U.N. urges Turkey to uphold ‘basic rights’

International organizations welcomed the end of Turkey’s emergency rule and called on its government to uphold basic human rights and legal standards.

U.S. and Hungary reject new global pact

A new global pact for promoting safe migration is advancing through the United Nations without participation from the United States and Hungary.

Experts warn of existential threat to WTO

A panel of independent experts warned the WTO could become irrelevant if trade wars and tensions cause wider “backsliding” towards trade protectionism.

Clean energy investment lags behind goals

Global investment in renewables and energy efficiency declined 3 percent to US$318 billion in 2017 and “there is a risk” it will slow more this year, IEA said.

Iceland replaces U.S. on U.N. rights panel

Iceland won election to the world’s top international organization for addressing human rights, filling a vacancy left by the United States.

International hunt detects ghostly neutrino

An international observatory traced a high-energy cosmic neutrino back to its origin in a distant galaxy about 4 billion light years away.

Trump anti-internationalism strains NATO

As a harbinger of an American-led international order, NATO is caught in the crosshairs of U.S. President Donald Trump’s impulsive policies, experts said.

Food and fish waste challenge poor nations

A third of the world’s fish stocks are overfished, FAO said, while about 35 percent of what is caught for eating never makes it onto someone’s plate.

U.N. humanitarian chief visits North Korea

The U.N.’s top humanitarian official paid a rare visit to North Korea, meeting other aid providers and some of the more than 10 million people who need help.

International organizations ‘under attack’

The world’s leading international organizations are “under attack” politically but must work together to keep going, U2 frontman Bono told diplomats.

Backlash blocks Trump migration nominee

For only a second time in a half-century, the leading international organization for migration will not be led by an American.

An ‘alphabet soup’ of high seas rules

Marine experts urged nations to improve how the high seas are governed, saying the global commons needs better conservation and sharing.

Chemical weapons watchdog adds powers

An international organization that investigates chemical weapons attacks expanded its own authority so it can go a step further by assigning blame.

Polar research looks at climate unknowns

The world’s fourth largest and southernmost ocean is “surprisingly unknown” despite its importance to climate change, polar researchers said.

U.N. report targets abuses in Venezuela

U.N. human rights investigators said the ICC should prosecute Venezuelan security forces for hundreds of arbitrary killings and other alleged abuses.

Pope’s visit spotlights church organization

Visiting Switzerland, Pope Francis focused attention on one of the world’s oldest and largest international organizations: the Roman Catholic Church.

U.S. abandons U.N. Human Rights Council

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration said it will withdraw the U.S. from the U.N. Human Rights Council, complaining of bias against Israel.

Record 68.5 million forced to flee in 2017

One of every 110 people worldwide has been forced to leave home because of conflict, war, violence, human rights abuses or persecution, the U.N. reported.

Gaming addiction a mental health disorder

An inability to stop playing video games will be classified as a mental health condition for the first time in WHO’s manual of the world’s diseases.

U.N. rights chief slams U.S. border policy

The U.N.’s top human rights official called on the U.S. to immediately end a new policy that has separated nearly 2,000 migrant children from parents.

Giant particle smasher receiving upgrades

The international organization that runs the world’s largest atom smasher has begun work on a major upgrade to improve chances for more discoveries.