The World of International Organizations Explained

World Bank and IMF accent island nations

The World Bank and IMF buildings in Washington (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund opened their fall meetings on Monday to survey a global development landscape beset by a slowing world economy, U.S.-China trade war and urgent climate threats spotlighted by the plight of small island nations.

Commission shows digital dangers for kids

A student-run college club helps home-schooled kids on computers (ARÊTE/College of DuPage)

Half the world’s 7.7 billion population uses the internet, including 1.15 billion children who can learn and benefit from it but only if they can safely navigate “a dangerous environment in which to grow up,” an international commission said on Tuesday.

U.N. panel urges Myanmar genocide trials

View of Kutupalong refugee camp near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh where more than 600,000 people, mainly Rohingya fleeing Myanmar, arrived since 2017 (ARÊTE/Russell Watkins)

A special U.N. fact-finding mission wrapped up two years of investigation urging the international community on Monday to hold Myanmar’s military responsible for “genocidal acts” against the Muslim Rohingya minority.

U.N. calls for peace and justice in Yemen

Rescue workers recover bodies from under the rubble of a Houthi rebel-run detention center destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes (ARÊTE/Felton Davis)

Top U.N. officials in Yemen demanded accountability on Monday after the deadliest Saudi-led attack this year in a four-year war likely killed more than 100 people and injured dozens of others in a Houthi rebel-run prison.

World leaders urged to adopt ocean treaty

Plastic debris washed ashore from the Pacific Ocean (ARÊTE/Kevin Krejci)

The United Nations leaned on star power to launch a renewed push on Monday for a legally binding global treaty in 2020 that would promote conservation and sustainable uses of high seas covering almost half the planet.

Myanmar’s foreign arms trade fuels abuses

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar trying to survive in Bangladesh (ARÊTE/Netherlands Foreign Ministry)

An independent team of U.N.-sponsored human rights investigators reported on Monday that Myanmar relied on its arms trade with seven nations to fund a military-planned campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against its Muslim Rohingya population.

IAEA chief Yukiya Amano dies in office

IAEA's Director General Yukiya Amano at a 2014 news conference in Vienna (ARÊTE/Dean Calma)

Yukiya Amano, a veteran diplomat who led the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog agency and worked to prevent more atomic bombings like those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, has died, his agency announced on Monday.

Bachelet condemns U.S. migrant treatment

An immigrant detention and "processing center" in Houston, Texas run by a private contractor to the U.S. government (ARÊTE/Patrick Feller)

The United Nations’ top human rights official said on Monday that she was “appalled” at conditions forced on adults and children held in detention after crossing into the United States from its southern border with Mexico.

U.N. Security Council urges calm in Gulf

U.S. fighter jets in the Gulf of Oman (ARÊTE/Matt Herbst)

The U.N. Security Council called for “maximum restraint” in the tense Gulf region on Monday to avoid any military escalation, but Iran rejected holding talks with the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed fresh sanctions.

ILO marks past with look to future work

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa presenting the 10 recommendations of the ILO’s Future of Work Report earlier this year (ARÊTE/Siyabulela Duda)

The International Labor Organization focused on ways of spreading social justice through dignified work while commemorating its 100th anniversary on Monday as the sole survivor of World War I-era institutions set up to help keep peace.

The world of international organizations explained.


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