The World of International Organizations Explained

Europe’s mixed progress toward U.N. goals

Untersberg Mountain above the village of Grödig near Salzburg, Austria (ARÊTE/Giuseppe Milo)

Air pollution levels exceed recommended health limits in all but 10 mainly European countries but most lowered carbon emissions and expanded forest cover in recent years, a U.N. regional commission reported on Tuesday.

Center says files show 12,000 Nazis’ assets

Researchers say these files name 12,000 Nazis in Argentina in the 1930s, many with Swiss accounts (ARÊTE/Simon Wiesenthal Center)

A global human rights organization revealed files on Monday that it said were found in Argentina containing the names of 12,000 Nazis who lived there during the 1930s, including many with Swiss bank accounts.

Treaty talks to save more migratory species

Sandhill cranes and snow geese in sunrise light at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado (ARÊTE/Patrick Myers)

Delegates from 111 nations gathered in western India on Monday for a U.N. conference to protect migratory species and their habitats at a time when human actions are forcing Earth’s natural life support systems to a breaking point.

WHO and Google team fight an ‘infodemic’

World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva (ARÊTE/Eric Bridiers)

Secret cures and vaccines. Chinese biological weapons. These have been some of the bogus social media claims the World Health Organization said on Monday it was pushing back against in the global coronavirus outbreak.

U.N. panel bolsters climate asylum seekers

Migrant farmworker Ioane Teitiota, whose family fled Kiribati's climate (ARÊTE/Timothy McDonald)

Migrant farmworker Ioane Teitiota lost his case against deportation from New Zealand, but in its ruling on Tuesday the U.N. Human Rights Committee said people fleeing the effects of climate change may be entitled to claim asylum.

UNESCO warns “duty to protect” heritage

Iran's Persepolis, former capital of the Achaemenid Empire dating back to 515 BC, is registered on UNESCO'S World Heritage List (ARÊTE/Ninara)

The head of UNESCO sternly reminded Washington and Tehran on Monday they are bound by international law to protect cultural sites, after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to target Iran’s most prized heritage.

E.U. to engage U.K. in major organizations

London Underground's Westminster Station (ARÊTE/John Heilprin)

The European Union’s top Brexit negotiator says it will rely on other international organizations to “continue to engage positively” once the United Kingdom leaves the soon-to-be 27-nation bloc on January 31, 2020.

UNDP warns inequality drags on progress

Women in East Africa carrying heavy wood piles on a road where men typically walk unencumbered or drive carts (ARÊTE/alchen_x)

Inequalities in education, health and living standards caused a 20 percent loss in global progress towards aspects of needed “human development” last year, the U.N. Development Program reported on Monday.

U.N. warns significant carbon cuts needed

Power lines extend from South African coal-fired power plants (ARÊTE/Clint Mason)

A new United Nations report cautions the world must begin cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 7.6 percent a year starting in 2020 to meet global targets for avoiding the worst effects of planetary overheating.

Paris forum pitches for global governance

The Wall for Peace, a Paris symbol since 2000 that was designed and built by artist Clara Halter and architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte (ARÊTE/Henry Marion)

The Paris Peace Forum wrapped up three days of meetings on Wednesday promoting a message that French President Emmanuel Macron described as a need for “balanced cooperation” among nations to solve the planet’s most pressing challenges.

The world of international organizations explained.


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