Under The Radar

Here you will find stories about some of the vital but less-obvious developments involving international organizations.

Street renamed to honor murdered journalist

Saudis in the U.S. capital now have a daily reminder of the unconscionable brutality prompting President Joe Biden to label Saudi Arabia a “pariah” nation.

Regimes target dissidents across national borders

Assassination, assault, unlawful deportations, spyware and family intimidation are some methods authoritarian regimes use against activists and dissidents.

Heftier hurricanes, simmering summers, wilder wildfires

Now here’s a climate change twist: the U.S. weather agency — forecasting lots of Atlantic hurricanes — finds reducing air pollution causes more hurricanes.

Paris climate treaty goal on ‘life support’

The world is “sleepwalking” towards ruin as the coronavirus and Russia’s war in Ukraine put a 1.5 degrees C. limit further out of reach, the U.N. chief said.

China backs Russia in challenge to NATO

The leaders of Russia and China called on NATO to rule out Eastern European expansion and criticized other security blocs around the Asia Pacific region.

Projected 17% rise in 2022 emergency aid

Some 274 million people will need emergency humanitarian aid in 2022 due to war, conflicts, hunger, climate change and the pandemic, the U.N. said.

Potential surge in Europe virus deaths ahead

Europe is again at the pandemic’s center with COVID-19 now the leading cause of death on the continent, WHO reported, as nations tighten preventive measures.

New Cold War in science and tech feared

Leaders of a science diplomacy foundation say they are working to prevent a new Cold War from being fought over new uses for science and technology.

U.N. report warns of ‘catastrophic’ climate failure

Governments must be far more ambitious about cutting greenhouse gases to avoid catastrophically overheating the planet, according to a new U.N. report.

Taliban’s grip imperils aid for Afghan civilians

Humanitarian aid agencies and U.N. leaders scrambled to protect civilians in Afghanistan while calling on the Taliban to end fighting and provide assurances.

Berlin forum cites ‘progress’ in Libyan unity

Calling it “a new phase for peace in Libya,” Germany and the U.N. ended a conference with diplomats expressing confidence in Libya’s rebuilding.

Challengers for U.N. chief lack official standing

The U.N. is considering one candidate for secretary-general in 2022 — incumbent António Guterres — despite the emergence of self-nominated challengers.

UNRWA reinstated as U.S. aid recipient

The United States pledged to restore aid to the Palestinians, almost two-thirds of it earmarked for the United Nations’ relief agency for Palestinian refugees.

Summit marks U.S. re-entry to climate fight

A global summit’s mood was perhaps best reflected in the U.N. chief beaming at the new U.S. climate envoy’s pledge to restore American climate leadership.

U.S. and U.N. roles at odds in Western Sahara

Pro-independence leaders in Western Sahara want the Biden administration to resolve a contradiction: U.S. policy runs counter to U.N.-led peace efforts.

New U.N. ‘day’ to aid efforts against epidemics

After holding its first high-level session on the pandemic, the U.N. General Assembly created a new “international day” to prevent health crises like COVID-19.

Trump pushes New START before election

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to be pushing for a foreign policy win before Election Day, seeking to renew a nuclear arms control deal with Russia.

U.S. unilaterally restores U.N. sanctions on Iran

The U.S. followed through on its threat to unilaterally restore sanctions against Iran, defying widespread international criticism.

Rebuilding tourism industry a U.N. priority

The pandemic could eliminate 40% of global tourism’s 300 million jobs — one of every 10 — and trillions of dollars essential to developing economies.

Cybercrime and terrorism profit off pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is being exploited to radicalize would-be terrorists and to target vulnerable networks used by hospitals and healthcare systems.

COVID-19 ‘most severe’ health emergency

The coronavirus pandemic is the worst global public health emergency to be declared under a 13-year-old international law for deadly disease outbreaks.