Under The Radar

Here you will find stories about some of the vital but less-obvious developments involving international organizations.

Japanese pullout marks return to whaling

Japan announced that it will resume commercial whaling by withdrawing from an international organization set up under a treaty signed 72 years ago.

U.S. midterms revise international outlook

America’s foreign policy, including its financial support for international organizations, is an emerging battleground in the newly divided U.S. Congress.

Move over tobacco, air pollution is next

Tobacco’s stigma has a new rival — air pollution — as the World Health Organization called attention to 7 million deaths a year from simply breathing.

Space station at crux of science diplomacy

For two decades, the space station has been a hub for living and experimenting — and example of how science can help nations rise above political rivalries.

Nuclear power in the age of climate change

The IAEA released two reports this month that together capture nuclear power’s incongruity: its uncertain economic appeal but relative climate advantages.

Postal system grapples with tech and costs

For only the second time in its 144-year history, the international postal organization held an “Extraordinary Congress,” this time under U.S. pressure.

Faster eco-improvement urged despite cuts

The world’s foremost international organization for financing environmental change sent up smoke signals warning faster action is needed on many fronts.

Threats to press pose danger to democracy

Hatred of journalism fueled by autocrats and wars threatens democracies, international organizations said in calling for more anti-hate efforts.