The World of International Organizations

Facebook-backed digital currency reboots

Facebook's cryptocurrency project is moving from Geneva to Washington (AN/Diem Association)

Facebook’s global digital currency project is abandoning Switzerland as its hoped-for regulatory home and planning to launch a U.S.-based payment system.

E.U. report ties green tech to recycling

European Space Agency image of Chile's Tarapacá Region where nitrates, lithium, potassium and iodine are mined (AN/ESA)

Recycling of rare elements will be crucial to ensure adequate supplies for low-carbon technologies, a two-year E.U.-funded project concluded.

U.S. and WTO chief push IP vaccine waiver

WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala leads a General Council meeting in Geneva (AN/WTO)

The United States and WTO chief backed waivers to vaccine patent protections aimed at speeding efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic.

E-commerce rises to 19% of all retail purchases

UNCTAD reports online sales jumped to 19 percent of all retail purchases in 2020 (AN/Andrew Neel)

Global online sales among seven major economies jumped to almost one-fifth of all retail sales last year during the pandemic, UNCTAD reported.

Biden summit buoys climate treaty hopes

Gas and coal-fired power plants at the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands (AN/Frans Berkelaar)

A two-day global climate summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden ended with leaders and companies pledging to decarbonize the world economy.

E.U. pitches new measures on ESG investing

Ireland's first wind-powered, sustainable public park in Dublin (AN/William Murphy)

The E.U. proposed new rules that would require publicly-listed and large private companies to report information on their environmental and social impacts.

Primary forest loss up 12% despite pandemic

Logging of West African old growth forests in Gabon (AN/David Stanley)

Old-growth tropical forest losses rose 12 percent in 2020 accelerated by commerce and climate-related factors, according to Global Forest Watch.

Central banks lean into era of big data

The European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany (AN/Dinu Dominic Manns)

Machine learning applications that use big data are increasingly helping central banks to conduct research and make decisions, according to a new BIS paper.

IAEA to get ‘less access’ to Iran nuclear sites

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi speaks to reporters in Vienna after returning from Iran (AN/IAEAvideo)

The head of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency and Iranian top officials announced Tehran will give international inspectors reduced access to nuclear sites.

U.S. welcomed back to Paris climate treaty

San Francisco's City Hall goes green in December 2020 to honor five years of the 2015 Paris Agreement (AN/Dana Brown)

French President Emmanuel Macron led a chorus of world leaders and advocates in celebrating the United States’ official return to the 2015 Paris Agreement.