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Study finds most large dams obsolete by 2050

The 116-year-old Craig Goch Dam in Wales supplies water to Birmingham (AN/Ben Salter)

Most of the world’s population by mid-century will face risks living downstream from tens of thousands of aging concrete dams, says a U.N. University report.

U.S. reversals on global health and climate policy

The White House in Washington last week (AN/Joyce Boghosian)

Moves to rejoin WHO and the Paris climate treaty were among a burst of immediate directives issued by U.S. President Joe Biden upon taking office.

Leaders stoke ambitions to reverse nature crisis

Trunk Bay, part of Virgin Islands National Park on the Caribbean island of St. John (AN/John Heilprin)

A top counterrorism official advised the U.N. Security Council that terrorists are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to fuel violent extremism.

Five years on, Paris climate accord recharges

Actors Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston were among the activists arrested for unlawfully demonstrating against climate change by the U.S. Capitol in January 2020 (AN/Ted Eytan)

World leaders honored five years of the 2015 Paris Agreement at a virtual summit energized by U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s vow to rejoin it.

UNEP report points to catastrophic warming

American students protest outside the 2016 U.N. climate talks in Morocco in reaction to Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential victory (AN/John Englart)

Unmet promises to cut carbon emissions put the planet on track for temperatures to rise “in excess of 3 degrees Celsius this century,” UNEP reported.

U.N. calls on nations to end ‘war on nature’

A U.S. wildfire known as the CalWood fire burned for more than a month this fall near Boulder, Colorado (AN/Sean Moorhead)

The U.N. chief appealed to world leaders to start fixing our “broken” planet by ringing in 2021 with a commitment to a carbon pollution-neutral future.

IUCN finds climate top threat to UNESCO sites

Great Barrier Reef's Eddy Reef off Mission Beach (AN/Paul Toogood)

Climate change is damaging one-third of the world’s UNESCO sites and has become the single-biggest threat they face, IUCN warned.

IFRC finds climate aid not reaching most in need

People take refuge on the roofs of buildings following flooding caused by 2019's Cyclone Idai in Mozambique (AN/World Vision)

None of the 20 nations most vulnerable to climate change were among the top recipients of aid to help adapt to global warming, IFRC reported.

Envoy says 126 nations seek carbon neutrality

London Bridge (AN/John Heilprin)

(AN) — The United Nations’ top official for global climate action said on Monday that 65 percent of the world body’s 193 member nations, up from 40 percent last year, will seek net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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