Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Spurred by the #MeToo movement, efforts to level the playing field and reshape the modern workforce have gone far beyond hashtags and U.S. borders.

Challengers for U.N. chief lack official standing

The U.N. is considering one candidate for secretary-general in 2022 — incumbent António Guterres — despite the emergence of self-nominated challengers.

Women ‘excluded’ from COVID-19 task forces

Government efforts to fight the pandemic include just one woman for every three men on average, according to UNDP, which urged more gender equality.

U.N. launches election procedure for next chief

The U.N. began its process of re-electing or replacing Secretary-General António Guterres with a formal request for nations to propose any challengers.

Mixed progress cited with 1995 gender goals

Leaders at a high-level U.N. meeting lamented the world’s slow progress over the past quarter-century for advancing the rights of women and girls.

U.N. virus tracker shows deficit of gender policies

Just 25 nations, or 12 percent of the world, have comprehensive measures in place to protect women against the pandemic, a new U.N. data tracker found.

U.N. reboots 1995 plan for gender equality

A U.N.-led global commission recommitted the world to achieving gender equality, in a relaunch and update of a quarter-century old landmark agreement.

UNAIDS dismisses #MeToo whistleblower

A whistleblower whose sexual assault probe upended UNAIDS was fired over misconduct claims in what she believes is “a blatant act of retaliation.”

Weekend Update: Gavi, IMF and Gideons

Gavi’s chief says the Ebola outbreak shows a deeper health crisis. Egypt signs an accord with IMF. Mongolia is a shipping power. Gideons U.K. adds women.

ILO adopts #MeToo workplace treaty

The ILO adopted a global treaty to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace, but stopped short of including language for LGBTI people.

In photos: A sea of protest lit up in purple

Women and girls of all ages turned out. Many wore purple clothes, held banners or chanted while filling public squares and streets. Some men joined in, too.

Swiss women strike nationwide for parity

Hundreds of thousands of Swiss women took to the streets to demand fairer pay, gender equality and an end to sexual harassment and violence.

U.K. regulator faults Oxfam staff in Haiti

Oxfam International vowed to improve after it was reprimanded by a U.K. watchdog for its toxic work culture that led to a sex abuse scandal in Haiti.

Experts find ‘failed’ leadership at UNAIDS

The U.N. agency battling HIV and AIDS is run as an old boys’ club that suffers from “failed” leadership and a “broken” work culture, an expert panel found.

#MeToo arrives at top labor forum

The world’s foremost gathering of labor officials wants to universally define workplace harassment and guarantee workers’ rights against violence.