Health Care
Global outcry to protect women after U.S. ruling

Global leaders broadly condemned the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and other precedents protecting access to abortion.

WHO readies monkeypox emergency reponses

The U.N. health agency is seeking global access to vaccines against monkeypox and calling a meeting to decide if the virus outbreak is a global emergency.

Health leaders bow to conservative nations

Nations appeased conservatives with a new strategy for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections that omits a glossary of sexual health terms.

WHO chief: ‘Pandemic will not magically disappear’

The World Health Organization’s governing body opened its weeklong annual meeting against a backdrop of financial tumoil and war in Europe.

Experts urge more pandemic cooperation

More than two years into the pandemic, scientists say its global impacts will not be finished with us anytime soon, particularly in developing nations.

Pandemic, climate, economy top Davos Agenda

Despite U.S.-China tensions, leaders touted cooperation on the pandemic, climate action, and economic recovery during the Davos Agenda virtual gathering.

WHO chief urges treaty and ‘lot of work’

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus closed out the World Health Assembly with a warning against complacency and an appeal for a global pandemic treaty.

Expert panel says pandemic was preventable

An independent expert panel faulted the World Health Organization and world leaders with a slow-moving response to the coronavirus pandemic.

World leaders propose new pandemic treaty

Twenty five nations joined with the European Council and World Health Organization in making an “urgent call” for creation of an international pandemic treaty.

Nations debate call for ‘vaccination cease-fire’

The U.N. Security Council took up a proposed resolution calling for cease-fires in conflict zones that would allow deliveries of coronavirus vaccines.

China and U.S. spar over WHO probe

Chinese diplomats pushed back against U.S. skepticism about whether Beijing fully cooperated with WHO scientists investigating the pandemic’s origins.

WHO team focuses on virus from animals

The initial spread of the coronavirus among people most likely originated from an animal and not from a Chinese lab, WHO-led scientists told journalists.

U.S. reversals on global health and climate policy

Moves to rejoin WHO and the Paris climate treaty were among a burst of immediate directives issued by U.S. President Joe Biden upon taking office.

WHO chief angered at rich grip on vaccines

The WHO chief expressed moral outrage at rich nations’ young, healthy adults getting vaccinated ahead of poor nations’ elderly and health care workers.

WHO urges end to bilateral vaccine deals

The head of the U.N. health agency asked wealthy countries to stop hoarding most of the world’s COVID-19 vaccine supply, saying it hurts poorer nations.

Tug-of-war over pulled WHO Italy report

A suppressed WHO report on Italy’s pandemic response says hospitals were “chaotic,” dangers to elderly went unrecognized, and training was haphazard.

U.S. poised to rejoin global health, climate efforts

Elected 46th president of the United States on Saturday, Democrat Joe Biden signaled policy reversals to combat the pandemic and global warming.

U.S. rules foreign NGOs lack speech rights

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that foreign affiliates of U.S.-based organizations lack free speech rights.

U.N. resolution calls for global virus effort

The U.N. General Assembly urged all nations to join in ensuring universal access to medical supplies, drugs, future vaccines and testing for the pandemic.

Leaders decry Trump cuts to WHO funding

World leaders and public health authorities denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to halt funding for the World Health Organization.

G-7 pledges to fight new coronavirus risks

G-7 finance chiefs vowed to safeguard their economies from the coronavirus outbreak, but did not offer specifics about what they might be prepared to do.